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  • That's been one of my issue for years. Letting a busy life rule me. I had it in my mind that it will be easier once I'm out of the nursing program, so I kept putting it off. Well, life won't stop, even if it does get easier. I would probably find another reason why I'm too busy. Well, no more!
  • What kicked me into gear was actually watching a Youtuber. He wasn't even doing a weight loss/fitness video. He just stated that he was trying something and I thought "He's doing something about it.. why am I still sitting around and not?" I got up in the middle of the video and went to the fitness center to get a…
  • I love your reason! I have never cosplayed, but I think it would be really fun! I do want to sometime. Mine is mainly to feel better about myself, but I don't know if that should be my focus. I don't think losing weight alone is going to fix that. I'm trying to get a more positive mindset to help with that! Other reasons…
  • Sounds like a great goal! I've been shooting for 10,000 steps a day as well. I plan to increase that later! May you continue to have the willpower and motivation to reach your goals!
  • The gym really helps me be more active. Even though I'm chasing my son around I don't seem to get anywhere near enough steps when I'm home all day. Where I go is only month by month so it helps. My look into another place later if they do a deal because it will drop me down to half the price I pay now. All depends! I also…
  • That's great though!! Having a great mood and being positive makes a huge difference! Yes, getting more exercise in is a huge deal. I would rather be fit and overweight than overweight and not fit at all. I need to do some strength training myself, but I'm a bit shy at the fitness center.
  • Feel free to add me! I started with about 50lbs to lose! I'm at 45 now!
  • I just recently started using MFP again! Feel free to add me!
  • Well, I did it. I tracked my calories today! Success for me! ;) Days like today aren't bad. It's when I have clinical, or class, or we're out and about. I need to invest in what they call.. a lunch box.. or bag.. or pail.. or container.. so many options these days! :# Honestly I just refuse to buy one every time I look at…
  • Ooh I'm joining! Started back up recently and could use some friends!! I had my son back in Sept or 2014 so he's pushing a year and half!! Between pregnancy and nursing school I've gained and retained weight.. :s Finally decided it was time to find time for myself! H - 5'3 Pre - 185 (170 before school :neutral:) During -…
  • There is a lot of discussion on both sides of this topic. What I suggest is not to view something (such as increased appetite or feeling bloated) to the birth control and think there is nothing you can do about it. There are a lot of things that can cause these changes. The fact that you just got on BC may cause you to pay…
  • Hey everyone!! Skimming through I feel I can relate to a lot of you! I'm getting married in July on our anniversary of 9 years together! My goal is to lose at least 45 more pounds! I've always been heavy and never have reached my goal. Closest I have gotten is within 20 pounds. I'm more motivated this time than I ever have…
  • @whierd Nice facial expression.. shows character! :P
  • I'm getting it.. my boyfriend actually got me addicted to them :P I honestly kind of want the limited edition 3DS XL that is coming out with it.. but I don't really have that kind of money to throw around.
  • Iowa! Near Grinnell/Newton/Marshalltown.. They're all about the same distance :P Add me if you would like! I like new friends :D
  • I'm from Iowa! Cold and snowing a little here today :(
  • Heey a fellow Iowan! I'll send you a friend request! I always want more friends.
  • I'm 22.. always looking to make new friends! :) I'm aiming for losing about 30 pounds.. if anyone would like to add me feel free. I'm always getting on here and I like to talk to people!
  • No problem!
  • I'm from Iowa myself :) I live outside of Grinnell a ways. If anyone would like to add me feel free!
  • 2 months almost 3.. I don't have many pictures because I'm picky and I really actually liked that one :)
  • I find having friends on here really helps, so it's definitely worth finding people to help you along the way! You can add me if you'd like. Best of luck to you!
  • Hey! If anyone would like to add me feel free! I'm looking for more active friends on here. The more I have the better the stay! So add me if anyone would like. I like to message people so if you like to talk we may best weight loss/fitness buddies :)
  • Yeah, I've seen some crazy things for sure. The only really older gentlemen I met at one was pretty awesome though. His wife was dying from a rare form of cancer and he was picking up two copies of Battlefield 3 so him and his wife could play together. He was in his early 60s. He was talking about all these games he had…
  • I wouldn't see why eating better wouldn't help you! Plus you can find great support on this site. What are some of your goals?
  • I'm 5'3 I'm currently 182 and I'd like to be around 145 - 150. Sounds big for my height, but I honestly don't think I would look good much smaller if any smaller. My mother is a couple inches shorter than I am and she weighs in around 135 for her healthy weight and I've got a bigger structure than her. I'm going to…
  • November 26th (:
  • This place is great! You definitely should stick to it. You'll be so happy you did. Find lots of supports.. it always helps! Good luck :)
  • Hi! Welcome to MFP.. I've been here awhile, but I'm on a renewed weight loss journey. This is my final stretch. I'd love to help and give you support! I'll send you a friend request.
  • Well good thing I typed it out, that way it's not 'listening' :P
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