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  • A handful of gummies
  • I'm very supportive! If you want to tone you should incorporate strength training into your cardio routine, if you have a cardio rountine lol
  • I forget abs lol. I'll do hanging knee raises and bottom ups
  • I do full body workouts when i go and i usually do cardio at the end of my workout. Saying that, I'll start with kettlebell presses and bicep curls. Then dips and pullups followed by the cable low row, leg curls, and calf extensions. I bought a heavy jump rope but it hasn't arrived yet. My cardio is usually a stationary…
  • You go small stuff lol (I'm 6'1). Great progress. My wife is 5'0 and is having a hard time losing weight
  • Very '80s after pic lol. Good job though!
  • Wow that's great! Too many people make excuses or just won't try bc its a process
  • Take a tour of your local pf. If you like it then join. Personally i doubt I'd ever join but i have my reasons
  • I think that's one of MFP's biggest weaknesses. It'll do a rough calorie burn count for all cardio but when it comes to strength workouts it doesn't have an input for calories burned. Your best bet is to guesstimate the strength workouts
  • You're on a nice pace. If anything up your protein intake with as much whole foods as possible. Only you can prevent forest fires and only you know when you should add more resistance (aka weight) once you feel you're getting stronger and not seeing the same results as before
  • Airdyne? Doesn't matter between the two. Either will give you that calorie burn. I prefer the elliptical. But I've heard thst the Airdyne is king
  • Rest days, and rest aka sleep, are very important in building muscle. You need the rest to promote muscle growth. Btw how's your protein intake? If you eat more whole foods thst naturally have protein you'll add muscle and tone up. Don't overdue the cardio and neglect the strength training for the fear of looking "too…
  • How's your daily protein intake? You'll see the pounds and waist size drop if you incorporate protein into your meals (say .6 grams per pound of bodyweight)
  • Sure. In my experience racquetball, swimming, and any combo of running/bike/elliptical works best
  • i have three sets of KBs at home, 35lbs/45lbs/55lbs. really all i need are the 35s and 55s. I use the 35s for overhead press, bent back row, and clean and press. the 55s i use for swings
  • I took my wife to bikram for the first time (well first time for both of us). I'm 6'1, 230lbs, and she is 5'0 140lbs-ish. I had trouble with most of the poses but my goal is to achieve proper form first then my goal is to progress to the fullest pose (Camel Pose wow that's rough). it isn't for everyone though. about 85min…
  • Hi I'm Jason from Maryland, 35 but originally from the suburbs of Philly on the NJ side. I've had my KBs now for about a year but forgot about them for a long time. I have three sets (35lbs, 45lbs, 55lbs) and I've recently been looking up exercises that challenge me and workout different parts of my body. The Russian Twist…