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  • Looking back over this thread, 2 things: 1) Pregnancy: You're not eating for 2; you're eating for 1.1 2) Should your SO have a say in your weight? No, because you should care about them and yourself enough to remain as attractive to them as possible. But if you don't, they should speak up. When I bulked up to 195 last…
  • That's metabolic changes, not weight gain as a result of eating fewer calories. That's anecadata, not science.
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  • Stop thinking of it as "dieting" - that's the surest way to fail. Choose an eating/lifestyle plan that you can live with forever, and stick to it. Also, fat isn't bad for you and doesn't make you fat. Eat more fat.
  • My SO is awesome and deserves to be with a buff, hot guy. Instead she's stuck with me. So I try to stay as fit as possible, both for her AND for my future health and fitness. In order for me to get fat, I'd have to not give a crap about her or myself. I've told her to dump me in that situation, just as I would her if she…
  • What everyone else is posting here is correct, but I want to add: Fat isn't bad for you. At all. If you're avoiding it because of the calories, great. But if you're avoiding it because it's unhealthy, you're mistaken.
  • Why not post your citations here? As a professional researcher, one of my great joys in life is destroying clown science. The fact that you "know" all this but can't post your supersecret, magical compounds or link to any science backing you up is hysterical.
  • No, you didn't. a) You have no way of measuring the amount of fat you've lost in a given area. b) You don't lose enough fat in a single day to be measurable, even if you had a magical fat-measuring machine just for your arms. If you did you'd have scrawny arms within a week. Ridiculous posts like this do more harm than…
  • I eat very low during the week specifically so that I can eat whatever I want on the weekends. No guilt.
  • We've also 'evolved' to have large brains for problem-solving, and this particular problem is easily solved by consuming less. Many of us here do it. Are we less 'evolved' because we've chosen to limit our caloric intake? Or are we more 'evolved' because we've overcome the biological imperative to eat everything we…
  • ECA really does work, but it can cause heart problems in people with pre-existing conditions (and not everyone knows whether they have a preexisting condition). If you're otherwise healthy, I wouldn't hesitate to try it, but getting ephedrine in the US is a pain thanks to methheads. Outside of the US it's a lot easier. Any…
  • Atkins works by making it easy to limit calories. If you do Atkins without counting calories, there's no reason to expect to lose weight. Don't try to slim down for an event! Choose to do it for your life, and for your future self.
  • Everyone has a tough time eating properly and getting workouts in. Everyone has potential excuses they can use to be fat and/or unfit. But I think parents have more of a duty to be fit than the rest of us. You owe it to your kids to model for them a healthy lifestyle. And you owe it to your kids to try to someday be a…
  • There is no science in that article, and there's no science behind the idea that eating more helps one lose weight. "Starvation mode" is not a real thing. Surely a "trained in nutrition" could point to some actual science for their fairy tales.
  • Agreed - this is something OP should talk to their doctor about. Keto has been prescribed for epilepsy for over 100 years. It's very effective at controlling some types of seizures.
  • This is exactly what I do. 1600-1800 calories Monday-Thursday, and whatever I want (within reason, but I don't count calories on weekends) Friday night - Sunday. Down 12 pounds since January 1.
  • It's cheaper to just buy a small chicken and put it in the crockpot, no "high end supermarket" necessary. I do this for 79-cents/lb. and make chili out of everything but the bones. OP could easily eat this for 3 days without going over $13.
  • That's like saying that the person having an accident while doing 110 mph on the highway didn't "choose" to have an accident. Of course they did, by engaging in ridiculous and dangerous behavior. We as adults choose our behaviors. We choose what to stuff into our mouths. Someone who's 100 pounds overweight who continues to…
  • When I was a kid in Pennsylvania in the '70s and '80s, shoo-fly pie was very common. McDonalds, on the other hand, was a once-per-year-on-your-birthday treat. The rest of the time everything we ate was homemade. The people we thought of as "fat" back then would be considered average today. Hell, the circus fat ladies of…
  • I eat a small piece of what you might call a "Colorado Brownie" (roughly 5-10mg of active ingredient) about 2 hours before I go to bed, and sleep like a baby for 8 hours. It's changed my life.
  • It's still CICO whether the medicine slows the metabolism or not. MOSTLY medicine-related weight gain relates to hunger or water retention (and water usually only fluctuates 5-10 pounds). Whatever the case, there no drug that makes you fat in the absence of calories.
  • I do. I eat around 1600-1800 cals Monday - Thursday, and then whatever I want on weekends. I like it because I can lose weight without giving up anything for more than a few days.
  • He was a charlatan, selling expensive miracle "cures" to unsophisticated people and pretending there was science behind it. I'm actually glad that his followers are here to provide what they probably think is a convincing argument, all the while sounding like pseudoscience nuts. Lol!
  • Working out fixes my depression; foods don't affect it.
  • I sit at a desk all day and am not fat or struggling with my weight. I also eat much better and cheaper than I did when I was poor, because I'm smarter now. Vegetables aren't expensive, particularly if you're in an urban area that has ethnic markets. But even at a regular grocery store (and I'm in Vegas, where everything…
  • Step 1: Figure out exactly how many calories you are eating. Step 2: Figure out exactly how many calories you should be eating. Step 3: Eat that many calories. Eating "healthy" or "unhealthy" is mostly irrelevant to weight loss.
  • Shakeology is a scam, Beachbody is for the weak, and yes, excess calories are stored as fat even if they come from protein.
  • Not for me. Fat & protein make me full; carbs make me hungry. Changing my eating is tough for about 3 days, and then it gets very easy. I also eat pretty much the same thing every weekday, which make sticking to a caloric goal easy.
  • Nothing you can do. Time to shave it.
  • People still believe that "starvation mode" is a thing? Don't be ridiculous. "Eat more to lose weight" is terrible, unscientific, harmful, and WRONG advice. Yes, a handful of people will say, "But that's how I lost weight!" Those people are liars unsophisticated and -- intentionally or unintentionally -- disingenuous.…