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  • Hoping to have my average weight for September be under 80kg, and ideally reach healthy BMI at 77kg. Weighed 79 kg this morning, slow and steady does it…
  • Normal BMI is 3.5kg away…!
  • My bike got stolen last weekend and I needed to go pick up a new one. The store is about 5 km away and I decided to do transportation running after work (I only had an hour before they closed), and in short shorts to boot! I felt a tiny bit self conscious running in more of a city scape, and of course going into the store…
  • Tried it on and I’m keeping it. I don’t love my stomach, but I think I will be wearing it next weekend.
  • I ordered a bikini 😬 it remains to be seen if I like the fit and if I’ll want to wear it but I feel like I might be ready to branch out from the one piece. Maybe. Hopefully I’ll be back with another NSV next week 😉
  • Just had to post to comment on your GORGEOUS eyes! I love coming to this thread for all the inspiration, great job everyone and thanks for sharing! Maybe one day I’ll feel brave too.
  • My preferred running shorts no longer require Vaseline to prevent thigh chafing.
  • Went kayaking yesterday and got handed a size S/M life jacket.
  • I want my current weight to drop below my average weight for the past 12 months (yes, I had a back slide)
  • Took the stairs two at a time after my run this evening (I live on the third floor) and thought “hey, I should do this all the time, feels like less effort”
  • Honestly this is ridiculous, but putting on my running socks instead of regular socks in the morning pretty much guarantees that I’ll get out there. Sort of a light version of changing into your workout clothes first thing 🤷‍♀️
  • I went kayaking today for the first time ever. NSV for a couple reasons: 1) It’s something i wouldn’t have felt confident to do a year ago ( I still had a weird moment of doubting that I would fit in the boat ) 2) I couldn’t get anyone to join me. Instead of getting discouraged I found a guided tour and signed up as an…
  • FYI the fingers around the wrist thing is deceiving. I’m 5’10” and at 190 lbs my fingers barely touch, at 167 they touch a heck of a lot more... Both your fingers and wrist slim down as you lose weight, just ask my watch! Personally I’m not working towards a number goal right now. I have recently hit a healthy BMI. I will…
  • Oh that reminds me! I have a necklace that I didn’t wear when it was first given to me because it was too tight around my neck. I started wearing it lately and it now hangs all the way down below my collarbones. I actually think it would be better a bit shorter!
  • I have a couple today :) - went climbing for the first time in about 6 years last night. My harness was a bit too loose and I had to borrow another one. - I got some new pyjamas, sizes S and M. - I’ve started selling some of my larger clothes, I feel ready to take the step and get rid of some of them. - I had a doctors…
  • The veins on my forearm are a lot more visible for quite a stretch, in the past it was just right in my wrist.
  • Last night in run group we did a 3km timed run (apparently a Coopers test, even though I always thought that was run as far as you can in 12 ‘min?). There is some discrepancy between distance from the measured race course and my watch but still two positives to come out of it. - official time was 19:08, which is only 8…
  • I’m wearing a pair of yoga pants I bought on sale years ago a size too small. They wouldn’t even go over my knees even though I was at an All Time Low when I bought them. I shrugged and resigned myself to the fact that they were the least stretchy toga pants on the world. 10 Kg below that and they fit great.
  • So uhm I had a reason to review my nice underwear sets which have been gathering dust and realised most of the bras are way too big. I’m definitely due for an upgrade in that department but found one set that I feel good in. Went online to do a measurement check and slightly put out that it now puts me in an A cup? On the…
  • Yeah it bugs me. I pause for some parts of my running group (technical drills, strength, stretching etc) and pisses me off when I forget to reactivate for intervals but I just roll with it.
  • Thank you for taking the time to respond and share your experiences :) it helps to hear from other people. To those who asked, I’m still losing weight (roughly 1 lb/0.5 kg per week but appearing in whooshes, down 3.5 kg from the start of February) but also still firmly planted in the high end of normal BMI. I’m counting on…
  • My running times are improving and my heart rate is dropping. Can’t wait for the snow to melt and see how I do in good conditions after a high mileage winter 😍
  • That was quick - weighed in at 76.5kg today. I’ve dropped drastically this week no doubt related to TOM. My next proper goal is ultimate goal weight at 72kg, but for a mini goal is just like to avg 77 kg (healthy BMI) for February.
  • Finally my weight starts with a 7, I weighed in at 79kg this morning. Maybe 77kg is within reach for February, who knows!
  • I ran to and from my running group last night since there was too much snow for my bike. So that’s an extra 3.6km each way. Total distance 12.5km excluding the technique drills. I’m really amazed because I didn’t even find it very hard. To think that this time last year I hadn’t even started running.
  • I can feel the loose skin under my shoulder blades when standing with normal (ok, good :smile: ) posture. Kind of hoping it goes away eventually, but if not I guess I’ll get used to the feeling. It’s a little freaky. There is still definitely a bit of fat in the skin fold as well.
  • I was going into the office today and ended up having to wear jeans, all of my proper trousers were baggy or otherwise weird looking. I also had a bunch of polite feedback so that was nice affirmation especially since I haven’t really lost weight since November. I sort of decided to maintain over the holidays in order to…
  • I have jabra elite 65t wireless headphones and love them for running. I’ve had them for 3 months so not tested for long term durability yet but I’m hopeful. I’m not much help for trail shoes I’m afraid. I do have a pair of Icebug Pytho5 BUGrip but more for winter running than trail running as such. Most of my runs are…
  • Pushing my comfort zone by joining a winter running group. First meet up was tonight, it went well and was fun and I wasn’t completely out of my league. I didn’t even join the slowest tier. Proud of myself as I’m both shy about group activities and self conscious about being a slower runner. Although it’s All Levels they…
  • I bought a new treat from a local bakery, realised I didn’t actually like it that much and threw away the last third without much debate.