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  • I am a bride, with a little over 4months til my wedding hoping to drop some weight to look my best
  • Same here! I’ve been in here before on and off. But my wedding is in May so it’s time to get serious. Feel free to add me too
  • Hi everyone! Happy to see others taking part in this lent challenge. I have a couple things I want to work on. 1. Cutting down on sugar (candy, sugary drinks, desserts) 2. Exercising daily - doing some easy at home work outs as well as gym 3. Hydration! Actually drink more water! 4. Also - on a personal note, I am recently…
  • Late to start but just came across this, I would like to join too! SW: 145 CW:122 GW: 118 by Christmas!
  • I think its perfectly normal to want to drink sometimes, an evening drink or so doesn't matter too much. But if I am drinking at a social event or something on the weekend I try to hit the gym or do a long morning run before hand so that I have some extra calories to work with and that way you can enjoy yourself and relax…
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  • Hi! I think we are close to twins, feel free to add me :) Or anyone else can too! Age:26 Height: 5'7 High Weight: 145 Low weight: 117 Current weight: 122 Goal weight: I am currently in maintenance, I try to maintain about 120 or so.
  • yoplait makes a 100-cal protein greek yogurt, I really like it. They have fruit flavors that are tasty and not the strong greek yogurt tang
  • I think its fine to alternate doing a shorter time on each. Sometimes I will do treadmill one day, then my next time i do elliptical, i know what you mean about wanting to keep it interesting. Doing hills /different speeds can work too
  • I am having the same problem, ever since Easter I've been having candy and desserts and not logging well, I cant stop!
  • Hi I'm Hilary, I am 26 and I live in Southern NH
  • Seems like you're off to a good start! I think that calorie goal is good and with that much exercise I think that you should be able to meet your goal as long as you're logging your calories and exercises accurately. I am sure you'll be looking good for the wedding day!
  • I would say that you should at least set yours as slightly active, if you are tracking steps and notice you doing more certain days you should record that as exercise. I know with fitbit at least it syncs and gives you extra calories if you are doing more than normal. Calorie wise, I am not sure a good goal for you but…
  • I'm on here everyday, feel free to add me too :)
  • Total weight loss: 25lb How long did it take you to lose the weight? 6 months or so What method did you use to lose the weight? eating consistently in a deficit, increased activity: gym, walking, running etc How long are you in maintenance? Around 4 months How do you deal with social situations and vacations? Its a little…
  • summer in general - I have a lot of cute clothes (ex. crop tops, swim suits, short shorts) that I own and didnt feel confident to wear last year so have just been sitting in a box. Just looking forward to feeling good in them! Good luck on your goals/events everyone!
  • Hi everyone, feel free to add me too. Had my charge HR since christmas, enjoying it so far. I think this is my link:
  • I am also close to twins with both of you, feel free to add me! Height: 5'7 Age: 26 HW: 145 CW: 120 LW: 118 GW: Maintaining at 120
  • chicken quesadillas: wheat tortillas, fat-free cheddar, veggies of your choice (onions, peppers, etc) and grilled chicken For breakfast I like oatmeal with bananas (and a little peanut butter or honey)
  • I would suggest if you are tempted by the scale, dont keep it out in the bathroom (or wherever you use it) I have my boyfriend hide it. I just weigh once a month or so, not worth stressing about day to day ups and downs, if youre in the habit of eating well you will be fine :)
  • hi, anyone in here feel free to add me too! I have been in maintenance about 2 months or so ago. I Havent weighed myself recently but I am sure I gained a few pounds over the holidays/vacation and have been sick and haven't gotten to the gym in awhile. Need to get re-motivated.
  • I've had a similar experience, I lost 25 pounds and no family/coworkers/close friends noticed. I think its very possible that your family who frequenty sees you won't notice small changes. Where as if you see a friend you havent seen in a year, they would notice the change. I agree also with others posts about jealousy,…
  • Hi, feel free to add me too! Just been starting to maintain as of a couple weeks ago, so I'm still figuring it out
  • My December/ultimate goal is 120lbs. Not actually sure what I am at now, around 122 I dont actually have a scale. Anyway excited to give this last part of a year my best! Good luck everyone, you got this!
  • Hi, anyone can feel free to add me! I was on 1200 for the last couple months, just recently uped it to 1300 as I am near my goal weight. Definitely hard to stay in limits, much easier with extra exercise calories to work with for sure.
  • Anyone can feel free to add me as well!
  • Hi! First of all let me say you are very brave to acknowledge your struggle with mental health problems on here. As someone who has similar problems, I've found it hard to tell most people about it. I definitely think depression and anxiety can add to weight gain. After i was out of college and moved away I struggled with…
  • Hi! welcome! Feel free to add me too, I'm 25 years old, and my high weight was 145, I'm now at 125.
  • For those on here who are maintaining currently and also logging daily, do you go by what MFP sets for you to maintain your weight as far as calories? Do you find its a pretty good estimate of what to eat? Just curious as I am almost to my goal and going to start maintaining soon