Greek Yogurt

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Ok I tried Greek Yogurt about a year ago and hated it. I see it in so many recipes and people seem to love it. Any ideas for a good tasting protein greek yogurt? Help.


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    I use a peach flavored protein powder (Nectar naturals) and add in fresh or frozen berries. I've also used sugar free jello before just for variety.
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    Plain, whole milk, from Trader Joe's. I add my own fruit or berries. Super yummy.
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    Our two favorites for eating or use in marinades/smoothies/salad dressings: Stoneyfield Organic Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt and Cabot Whole Milk Plain Yogurt (2% is also good - you don't notice the lowered-fat when eating it, but it isn't quite as rich in recipes). I answered this question in a similar thread a couple of weeks ago, and mentioned also "Skyr" which is popping up at more and more markets. Stoneyfield Greek isn't always in stock at my grocery, so I wind up buying Cabot more. We go through 1-2 qts/week, as I use the yogurt as an ingredient in my daily breakfast smoothie in addition to all the recipes.

    Just tonight made baked "lemon-yogurt Moroccan-style baked chicken breasts" using a marinade of the Cabot yogurt, lemon juice and lemon zest, a "glug" of olive oil and a good dose of Raz el Hanout (also spelled Ras el Hanout), a Moroccan spice. Just the warm-me-up meal for for a cool, rainy evening meal. If this sounds somewhat like chicken tikka, you'd be right - just the spice mix is different.

    Greek yogurt is an acquired taste, especially plain. For eating, you can add all sots of fruits and things to your preference.
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    My fav is siggi brand Greek yogurt. Tonight I mixed half a pack of lemon crystal light into 5 oz of 0 fat plain siggi. So good..
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    yoplait makes a 100-cal protein greek yogurt, I really like it. They have fruit flavors that are tasty and not the strong greek yogurt tang
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    Ok I tried Greek Yogurt about a year ago and hated it. I see it in so many recipes and people seem to love it. Any ideas for a good tasting protein greek yogurt? Help.

    I tried it a couple of years ago and hated it, too. I think it was one of the major brands and it was a fruit flavor with blobs of mushy fruit in it. I've also tried the plain unflavored and it grossed me out to eat it on it's own.

    But then recently I needed some vanilla Greek yogurt for a recipe. I had some left over and I tried it again (it was just a cheap store brand version) and it was actually OK. So I bought another vanilla flavor (even though vanilla is usually boring to me it's great in Greek yogurt) and I sliced up some chilled apples and used it as a dip. OMG, that's when I fell in love. It totally changed my perspective. So try dipping apples in it. It's so good, it's like a dessert to me. (A dessert with awesome protein content!)

    Eating it by itself is only OK, but eating it as a fruit dip is amazing. <3
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    I use Total Fage 0% in smoothies (either fruit only smoothies, or fruit+spinach etc), the flavor of the yogurt disappears.
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    I don't like plain Greek yogurt, it's too tart and makes my cheeks pucker!
    I buy flavdrops from Myprotein and sweeten/flavour a 1kg tub , i only use roughly 15 drops.
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    I feel your pain. I was in the supermarket today and checked out the Greek yoghurt range. So much choices I didn't buy any of them.
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    PinkyPan1 wrote: »
    I have recently tried Greek Yogurt and my initial reaction was to spit it out. I now love Chobani Greek Yogurt. I gave myself a week to get use to the taste. I have it almost daily with a banana and a TBS of nut topping. It has 22 grams of protein and has only 120 calories in a cup. I eat 2 large containers a week. I also use it in my smoothies.

    This on a mirange nest topped with raspberries. My new favourite treat!
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    If you don't like it, that's totally fine. I like it plain or with berries, so whether you would like it other ways I do, who knows.

    That said, I particularly enjoy the Fage brand and the brands of skyr I have tried. I also sometimes get some sold at the farmer's market. One thing I'm currently into is adding a little protein powder (I have a vanilla powder) and some almond butter. It also great with just the almond butter.
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    I love whole milk flavored Oikos yogurt cups by Dannon.
    dabearo wrote: »
    My fav is siggi brand Greek yogurt. Tonight I mixed half a pack of lemon crystal light into 5 oz of 0 fat plain siggi. So good..

    Siggi's isn't Greek yogurt FYI. Still tasty with great macros though!
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    I don't like the taste of Greek yogurt as a yogurt I'd eat for a snack. But I do like it as a replacement for sour cream. I stir herbs into it to make dips. I stir it into beef stroganoff in place of sour cream. I'll put a dollop on tacos.
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    That's right. siggi is Icelandic skyr
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    You just might not like greek yogurt. I don't like salmon or beets but some people love them. I think most brands of greek yogurt (plain) taste identical. I tend to buy local brands when possible but other than that doesn't matter much to me.

    I very rarely do flavored yogurt unless I'm flavoring it myself (a spoon full of sugar free jam, or some berries, or some pb2, etc).

    On that topic, a cup of greek yogurt and a serving of pb2 gives the flavor and close to the texture of peanut butter but the satisfaction of a lot of volume for little calories.
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    Its very tart on its own, so you could mix in PB or honey, frozen then thawed blueberries take some tartness out as well.

    I love greek yogurt because its high protein and if you get plain, low in sugar. I would rather add my own sugar through honey or fruit.
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    The ONLY Greek yogurt I like is the Danon light & fit strawberry cheesecake kind. It's extra yummy with granola mixed in.

    This is my go-to afternoon snack with a half serving of Nature Valley Protein Granola...although I have been told it's fake greek yogurt lol...which it probably is because Light & Fit is the only kind of greek yogurt I like.
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    I don't like plain Greek yogurt by itself, but I do love yogurt parfaits made with it and fresh berries, granola, and honey. I find Greek yogurt works best for me as a substitute for things like sour cream or mayonnaise in dressings and salads (I use it in place of mayo for tuna salad and potato salad, and as the base for homemade ranch dressing, for example). You can also mix flavored protein powder into Greek yogurt.