20 years old. 140 wanting to be 115.

Looking for other girls out there that are in similar shoes as me! Hey! I'm 20 and am looking for other girls like me who are giving it their all to reach their goals. Looking for support and long term friendships via MyFitnessPal! Wanting to lose 25-30 pounds on the elliptical, and p90x. I think diet is honestly the hardest thing for me.


  • misskarne
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    How tall are you?

    There is a great picture that gets posted around here every so often with a very accurate line: you get fit in the gym. You lose weight in the kitchen.
  • idipyoudipwedip
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    I'm 21 and 155 and want to be around 125 or whenever I have a smaller belly that I don't feel self conscious about. I should reach my goal by summer 2017. Add me! :)
  • LittleChipin
    LittleChipin Posts: 102 Member
    Add me! Im 22, 143 pounds, down from 153 pounds and my goal weight is 125- 130 range :)
  • hrush1889
    hrush1889 Posts: 56 Member
    Hi! welcome! Feel free to add me too, I'm 25 years old, and my high weight was 145, I'm now at 125.
  • mari5466
    mari5466 Posts: 137 Member
    Add me! I am 23, started at 130 now 117, same goal.
  • GorgeousGains
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    I am 23 5'7" at 134 from 140 as if 4 weeks ago. I professionally compete so diet, water, consistency and regular exercise is key!
  • janekana
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    Add me too please! I'm 20, 5'4". Currently my weight is 140 lbs, but I'm aiming to get down to 120 lbs. One pound at a time! :)
  • acarpenter6
    acarpenter6 Posts: 19 Member
    Me too! I'm 22, 155. Goal weight for now is 130.
  • VainMommy
    VainMommy Posts: 46 Member
    Well I'm an old *kitten* lol 31 5ft 4in 144lbs. My goal is between 130-120lbs depending on how I look. Add me!
  • bakemma
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    Add me. I'm 22. 180 trying to get down to 140ish. lol
  • marisanne
    marisanne Posts: 38 Member
    I am 25, 5'1 and 145 pounds. Would like to get down to 125
  • user0819
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    5'8.5 and 143 - trying to get to 130/125
  • Rawr619
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    5'5" 138 (started at 164). Goal: 115-125 depending on how I look. Add me :smile: