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  • You are an inspiration. Best wishes for continued success in reaching your goals.
  • Wonderful that you are so close to goal. WooHoo! If you have been keto for any length of time it seems like you should be able to slip out and back into ketosis without the original symptoms. I don't do anything called a cheat day, and don't buy anything off plan and don't mention dieting as a guest. If I choose to indulge…
  • Love reading your successes. I swapped out seasonal clothing today and wondered if I dared throw out the fall/winter stuff that I hope will not fit. Anybody else taken that leap of faith?
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  • The RW doc was very helpful. Thanks. Also enjoyed Magic Pill.
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  • Hi, HITW. I'm a little older, also retired, mostly. Also with significant weight loss goals. The picture is old and represents my first interim goal weight. Down 17 with 20-25 to go to match the picture. The only successful plan for me seems to be very low carb <25net. I went keto (5%c/10%p/85f) for the first few weeks to…
  • You really can do either the calculated amount or the 500 on DDs. Having at least a 1000 difference between up and down seems to be key to the JUDDD magic. And agree that two DDs in a row is to much stress. You don't want your body to think it needs to slow your metabolism even for a few hours.
  • Know the feeling. Have found a WOE that accomodates a normal life and am losing weight too. Check out JUDDD/Alternate Day Diet. There are a couple threads here to explain it plus a huge supportive forum on the Low Carb Friends site (though it is not necessarily a LC WOL). Good luck.
  • HI, Shari. Started counting from day one. It is so easy here. Even if you don't quite get it right at first. You have a record of what you did. Good information for the future. Did you get your UDDD calorie amounts from Dr. Johnsons' website or are you determining them another way?
  • Can't say I have seen this trend but if you look at the weight tracker on LCF you will see that some do bounce up and down in an unexpected way.
  • Glad you are here. RE counting: I do it for future reference. If I stop losing, I can go back and evaluate honestly.
  • Great job, Mummy!:happy:
  • Glad you are doing so well. Feeling great is its own reward, and just the beginning.
  • I keep it every day. Feel free to friend me if you want.
  • Kiera's mom, I love your haircut. Absolutely darling. Mummy, yes, 400/1900 is roughly where I should be. Came close most days. Even when I didn't quite make the 400 I was always in WLM.
  • Still checking activity here. Just finished first two weeks of JUDDD. Lost 6 pounds. Considering it took me a month to lose 2 lbs on low cal, I am happy.
  • mummy, you cook like me. Just throw the whole day into a pot and enjoy that soup all day long.
  • Sichi, lools like you are doing great. There is another JUDDD forum at that is very informative and supportive. More activity than here. A lot of them do what they call a mid day from time to time without it hurting their weight loss. Keep up the good work.
  • Hi. There are as many different approaches as there are people here. The first few down days seem to be tough for everyone so don't be discouraged. It gets easier as you figure out when it is that you have difficulty and know that the feeling of hunger…
  • Welcome! I am also pretty new. One week in. I am loving the freedom of JUDDD and the scales have been moving down quickly my first week. Think that will slow down now. My belly was noticably smaller this morning. Might try on a couple of tight pants to see if it is my imagination. I have been a bit obsessed with…
  • Yesterday DD was perfect. Week 1 down 4 pounds. :happy:
  • Sounds worth investigating. Do you have some referrences to site?
  • Thank you, Susan. Hard to comprehend the SIRT1 could already be activated, but pleased if it is true. Ironically, after saying the 3rd day was going so well, The switch flipped about 7pm and I just HAD to eat again. Finished the day with about 900 kcalas. No problem, though. The scales still went down. Yesterday was an up…
  • Could not figure out how to get the quote in my other post. Can not figure out how to delete a post if I goof up.
  • Fabulous!
  • You are not alone. THe diet mentality is hard to shake. I am on my third DD. The first two UDs felt bingy though they were under my kcal recommendation of 1943. However, yesterday, my third UD was not hungry and more relaxed. The first two DDs were very difficult but today not so much. The weight is starting to move…
  • Hi. New to the group and just trying to connect. Today is my third DD on JUDDD. I stay at 400. It is not as difficult as staying below 1400/day every day. The first couple UDs I was at about 1900 and feeling bingy though 1943 is the calculator guideline. Yesterday I was not very hungry and finished just above 1400 with no…
  • Add me too, please. I am the proverbial tortoise. Down 4 pounds in 4 weeks. Also need some support.
  • I am in the same situation. Planning is key to success. 1) Find your local food bank. That is free good food. Focus on the whole grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Don’t be afraid to try something new. There are plenty of recipes online. 2) Plan your menu and make a shopping list. Never go…