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Hi, my name is T. and I am a 64-year-old retiree who is here to to find help with motivation. I've been doing water aerobics and walking on a treadmill for almost a year, and doing well. (No weight loss, but health has improved.) I'm having difficulty with overeating. Mostly I have many food cravings. Any suggestions? I have at least 45 pounds to lose. (I know this reads like a book report, but I do have a great personality!) I'd like to be friends with others here who have similar issues. T.


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    Hi, HITW. I'm a little older, also retired, mostly. Also with significant weight loss goals. The picture is old and represents my first interim goal weight. Down 17 with 20-25 to go to match the picture. The only successful plan for me seems to be very low carb <25net. I went keto (5%c/10%p/85f) for the first few weeks to get the body used to burning fat. I am now playing with the protein percentage as I increase my activity. There are so many different recommendations it is hard to know what to do long term. However, I believe now that the only plan that will make permanent changes is one that can be lived with permanently. I can honestly say that after a few weeks the cravings disappeared but if I eat even a small amount of processed food it is like waking the dragon for the day. This means I avoid eating out as much as possible. I look at grains etc. the way a vegan looks at meat. I'm really careful to not go over the carb % and protein % but the fat seems to stay under without too much trouble. Rarely hungry. Seem to naturally cycle between maintenance and deficit days. Weight loss also seems to be cyclical but averaging more than a pound/week.

    You didn't mention if you are male or female but the guys always seem to have faster results. Good luck to you