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    That’s awesome Roxy!! You have done amazing this past year!
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    That is such an amazing thing!!!!!
    Way to go. Medium WoW!!
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    Great job @0426Jamie ! I hope to run one someday.
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    0426Jamie wrote: »
    My husband and I went through our closets to donate clothes that don't fit anymore. We donated FIVE GARBAGE BAGS worth of clothing!! It was crazy to see it all, and nice to know we won't ever need them again :)

    So amazing!!
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    @Rainqueen77. That happened to me today! I put items in my cart thinking "It might fit but I'm not going to get discouraged if it doesn't" Everything fit! Cute name brand clothes, not the drab-old person clothing I have been wearing.

    It was hard deciding if I should put any back!

    I love this! You must feel great :)
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    Love reading your successes. I swapped out seasonal clothing today and wondered if I dared throw out the fall/winter stuff that I hope will not fit. Anybody else taken that leap of faith?
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    Just a thought, @cici52.... I'd keep them until late Aug or Sept (depending on your climate) and then donate them - many places won't take out of season clothing, and it will be more helpful to heavier gals needing a fall/winter update. I'd box them up so you can't see them and then just donate at the appropriate time.
    And, get thee a new wardrobe!
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    My NSV today is starting to keto once again. I've been cheating too much lately. So I threw away the carbs that tempt me and went for a 6 km walk/jog to burn up the glucose.

    Thanks everyone on here with NSVs. It really helps to see others who have it harder can do it, and my goals are in my reach. Execution is all I'm lacking. I'm motivated now!