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  • That my bra size actually exists now. I am pretty flat chested and no matter how fat I got, those little niblets never got any bigger! So an appropriate cup size only ever came with band sizes that were way too small due to my intense underboob and back fat (I would've needed about a 22AAAA). I made do with crop tops and…
  • I don't have photos but after losing my first 10kg I noticed a significant reduction in cellulite. Calves and arms have cleared up completely and thighs and butt are looking heaps better. Still have a lot to lose so hoping it continues to improve! I workout at home thanks to the conundrum of what to wear so can't help you…
  • I can't stand Lana. She slacks on EVERYTHING. And I want to slap Sari. She's such a Hermione Granger. Ugh just go away! "I'm working it!" Nobody cares, Sari. Sit the hell down.
  • Sounds pretty normal. For me doing JMBR cardio DVDs (especially 2 and 3), I'm in the 150s and 160s on the easier moves and 170s up to 180s and very rarely 190s on the really tough exercises.
  • I agree with this 100%. You have to find a way to get through the workouts that is tough FOR YOU. If you do that consistently, you will see huge improvements. Also I can't help but laugh at how lazy some of her team are. Natalie has been a notorious cheater ever since 30DS!
  • Generally high 200s to low 300s for me.
  • I got to that point as well and ended up taking nearly a week off, partly due to having a cold but mostly due to being a big sook. I've reassessed and decided to keep going. The challenge is finding modifications where I can still feel my muscles working hard. The biggest downfall of this program (in my opinion) is that…
  • I'm hoping I have this same experience, because if 11 is much harder than 9 I'll have to quit LOL 12 looks okay actually. Keep us posted! :)
  • I've had to do an attitude readjustment with workout 9, same as I had to do with workout 5. Today I feel like I got through it quite well. I modified heaps but made sure I was still working as hard as I could. I can NOT do the side plank crunches at all so instead of wasting time attempting them and falling on the ground I…
  • Two days later and my butt is still killing me! I'm trying to pinpoint which exercise was killing my butt and hamstrings so badly because I really didn't feel it when I was doing the workout but WOW am I in pain!
  • Haha don't worry we're just being sooks. It's not really THAT bad. Well done on getting this far. There is light at the end of the tunnel now :)
  • Now I'm scared about waking up tomorrow haha!
  • So after the warmup for workout 10 I already wanted to vomit. The first circuit was so cardio heavy that it only made me want to vomit more. I settled down after that. I quite liked the 3rd circuit and especially the 4th circuit. Not too bad overall. Way better than workout 9!
  • Oh no, that all sounds very painful! I hope the PT is effective and you can avoid surgery. All the best with your recovery! We miss you :(
  • Glad I'm not the only one! I'll see how I feel after my 3rd or 4th tries. I can't bear the thought of doing it more than 4 times but workout 11 is probably even worse!
  • I agree it was a little too much triceps. I actually had to stop heaps on the crab things because my arms were giving out, whereas if it wasn't so much triceps all in a row, I probably would've been able to do it. Having said that, my triceps are noticeably stronger now. There are crab dips in workout 9 with weights in…
  • So after 4 days off being sick and eating crap, I finally did workout 9 today. It was so hard! And not in an "I could feel the burn so badly" way but more of an "I was lying on the floor like a log because I couldn't do half the exercises" way. I modified so so so much. Hopefully I can push myself a bit harder next time.…
  • Thanks everyone :) I fear workout 9 may be the death of me. I'll check in after I've suffered through it if I'm still amongst the living :P
  • Let me know it goes! A second round will be awesome because you'll be able to do so much more than you could the first time around. I'm thinking about doing a second round too.
  • Even though I still have a cardio 2 left, I figured I would post my phase 2 results since today was weigh-in day and I should have finished phase 2 today (I'm a day behind). So here it is: Weight lost: 3.9 kg/8.5 lbs (total 8.2 kg/18 lbs) Waist: lost 1.5" (total 3") Hips: lost 1" (total 2.5") Neck: lost 0.25" (total 1.25")…
  • Didn't get cardio 2 done after my last workout 8, I was just too tired, and really didn't feel like doing that stupid cardio DVD two days in a row. So I will do it tomorrow with workout 9 or maybe just by itself and put off workout 9 for another day :laugh:
  • Well done! I'm starting phase 3 tomorrow and STILL can't do a military push-up, but I'm still modifying and getting through the workouts. Hopefully I'll be able to do ONE by the end of the program. Congratulations on your progress - keep it up! :)
  • Thank you, I think I might pick one of these up. I'm so scared for cardio 3. I'm going to pass out for sure!
  • I have no idea how but I actually seem to be able to do these :noway: Maybe just try holding the position you can reach for as long as you can? Work towards just pushing your head up for a little bit then coming back down? I'm pretty sure everybody hates these! It helps me to start on the floor with my heels right up…
  • These results are absolutely amazing and it's just as amazing that you made it through this insane program! So congratulations! :)
  • Sorry if this is a dumb question but what is a knee band/what does it look like and where can I get one?
  • Just smashed my last workout 7 and followed it up with cardio 2 (trying to catch up a few days). I am exhausted but feel like an absolute champion! Also had a great moment today. My acid wash jeans (which are my dream goal jeans, I was really happy with my body when I could fit into them) can now get over my thighs and my…
  • I'm ashamed that I genuinely didn't see this coming.
  • Congratulations! I'm excited to see your results! You must be so proud to have made it through :)