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  • I am having the same problem! Can login via web but not on my iphone
  • Sweet Potatoes, kale, plain greek yogurt, baked chicken, fish, quest bars, and spaghetti squash
  • Frequency of output is a better indicator of hydration than color of the urine.
  • I think OP should check it out for themselves, and decide what goals they have for fitness. Then decide if Planet Fitness will allow them to achieve these goals. Personally, I would join Planet Fitness. I don't/can't lift anything more than what they have on hand for free weights. I work out mostly for stress relief. I'm…
  • I am sometimes an ISFJ or sometimes an ISTJ. I'm pretty in the middle on the feeling and thinking, and can lean either way, depending on the day.
  • I have to say this: any time I have ever felt bad about myself (weight, looks, etc) is because of a comment another person made to me directly. This is what affected my self esteem, and made me feel bad or not "good enough". I have rarely ever felt bad about myself because of an image I saw in the media or entertainment…
  • I log a week in advance, then tweak as I go if I change my mind about what I had planned to eat. I can't not log, as my brain will still tell me to eat as much as possible so I don't starve. :) My brain doesn't understand moderation, it still thinks I am a cave person with little nourishment.
  • As stated numerous times already in this thread, BMI is accurate. I used to think I was some special snowflake, where it did not apply. And now I feel best when I'm at the lower end. So many people have no idea anymore what a healthy body weight looks like. That is why it's best to be whatever weight feels best for you.
  • I have OCD and anxiety issues. It makes managing my weight quite difficult. I tend to have more obsessive tendencies, and can get stuck on eating the same things over and over. Which is fine when it's healthy but not good when it isn't healthy food.
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  • Gosh I had so many strange rules. We NEVER got any type of candy or dessert unless it was Twix bars. So needless to say, I hate twix now, but really struggled with not binge eating on any type of dessert. We never had frozen or fresh vegetables, just canned. I hate canned veggies, but found I love lots of fresh and frozen…
  • I think you are being too hard on yourself, personally. I would assume your plan is to change your eating habits forever. One meal, in that grand scheme of that, is hardly anything.
  • I'll admit sometimes I just miss eating without caring how much I ate. Instead of weighing and measuring, and making sure I eat the correct portion. But, then that's how I was also 75 pounds heavier, and pretty miserable otherwise. :smiley:
  • I have so many, but I agree on Peanut Butter. I stopped buying it, I kept eating right out of the jar. But really I can't be trusted with any cookies, ice cream, baked goods, chips, any "junk food" really. Just having it on hand will trigger a binge. I don't know what I will do one day when I live with a significant other…
  • Honestly, multi-vitamins aren't worth any cost. Just eat a varied diet, with lots of variety of whole grains, dairy, low fat protein, veggies, and fruit. This will help you get the vitamins and minerals you need.
  • This is one of the best posts I have seen on here. Way to go, and it is definitely a success story.
  • I have had 5 root canals, and felt fine the same day. Even when I had infections.
  • Just my two cents (as I've never done cross fit, it's out of my budget). But why not try it? I think too many people forget that the most important part of fitness, is to find something you actually ENJOY. If you don't enjoy it, you will not keep it up.
  • I got this a lot when I was losing weight. I didn't talk about my goals, weight loss, etc. But I lost close to 80 pounds, so people noticed. And I often got lots of comments on what I ate, didn't eat, my weight (what they thought my goal should be! ) Most people really have no clue what a healthy diet is, how many calories…
  • Lots of good ones. I think what I didn't know before, was it isn't any magical food plan, or exercise plan, it's really just consistency that is key. Doing it day in and day out, even when the motivation isn't there. It has to become habit. And loose skin. I naively didn't think about this happening to me. Even with losing…
  • I have so many, but the biggest one is not go out with friends to the bar I didn't want to go to, and then I would not have met my ex. And also, gone to school much, much younger. It is much harder to do at 36, working full time.
  • I drink 2 a day, and it has had no effect on my 75+ pound weight loss.
  • I love them. I eat two a day. They help me stay full.
  • I pre-log. I may tweak things later as I go, but this ensures I am going to hit my goals. I've tried as I go, but that tends to not work for me.
  • I guess I have to agree, what exactly are you looking for? If you know drinking is affecting your goals, then just stop. I personally do not drink any of my calories. It's just not worth it to me. Others may disagree. Just do what works for you.
  • Unfortunately, cellulite is genetic, and what works for one person, may not work for you. Obviously eating well, and lifting, and doing cardio helps, but your genetics will still be a big part of what you will look like. I don't know if comparing others results, will truly be helpful with what your results will end up…
  • I do, but I chew a ridiculous amount of gym a day.
  • I like C4, and it helps me. I also detest the taste of coffee, so that is not an option for me. Do what works best for you. You just have to try a couple, see what you like best.
  • In past working environments I have walked with others. I always just walked at my own pace. (if I was slower, then I was behind them eventually, or I was faster and ahead of them). I never really thought too much about it, I just went at my own pace. My feelings weren't hurt if I was left behind. The only thing I really…