I moved for one hour - after so many years of sitting.



  • Slashnl
    Slashnl Posts: 326 Member
    Love this!!! Way to go!
    MRBDDB Posts: 14 Member
    That is so awesome! Very inspiring and a definite success story! Good for you!
  • Namaste_Heart11
    Namaste_Heart11 Posts: 51 Member
    You are amazing! I have tears in my eyes thinking about your victory today! <3
  • amydriesbaugh
    amydriesbaugh Posts: 22 Member
    Way to go! You deserve to be proud! Keep it up!
  • MrsMizzart
    MrsMizzart Posts: 52 Member
    Wow! Absolutely brilliant indeed :-D Very well done.
  • Cohalligan
    Cohalligan Posts: 26 Member
    Starting to move is the hardest part of this journey. So congratulations to your bad self on your accomplishment today!
  • HappyBlues
    HappyBlues Posts: 94 Member
    That's awesome!!
  • FrankieandSpots
    FrankieandSpots Posts: 446 Member
    Great to hear! Hope you aren't too sore tomorrow (but at least you'll be stronger) :star:
  • queenliz99
    queenliz99 Posts: 15,317 Member
    Way to go!!
  • mallygirl420
    mallygirl420 Posts: 66 Member
    I needed to read that. Thank you for sharing.
  • mama_jenn
    mama_jenn Posts: 10 Member
    This is an amazing success story!! So happy for you !!!
  • goingape
    goingape Posts: 434 Member
    Wow....an accomplishment for sure!
  • momofamadhouse
    momofamadhouse Posts: 197 Member
    Congratulations!!! I am so proud of you! I rarely mow the lawn and we have a riding mower. You have inspired me, maybe I'll mow it for my husband this weekend :)
  • mommarnurse
    mommarnurse Posts: 515 Member
    Girl, that is awesome and you should be proud. I won't make the effort to mow the lawn and I'm 135 lbs. (Because it's so much work!!)
  • trickwoman
    trickwoman Posts: 1 Member
    Taking this step encouraged and inspired people you will never meet or even know about. Congratulations.
  • mommazach
    mommazach Posts: 384 Member
    Successful way to begin. Thank you for sharing this.
  • Amym26
    Amym26 Posts: 83 Member
    This is one of the best posts I have seen on here. Way to go, and it is definitely a success story.
  • drichard03077
    drichard03077 Posts: 9 Member
    Good for you....it gets easier every time. You have the power to do it. Just don't stop. We've all been there on that first day, your not alone.
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