Cellulite before and afters?

LadyGauche Posts: 36 Member
So I have a horrible amount of cellulite, especially around the back of my legs/butt. But also little bits on my arms and calves. So embarrassing. I'm in my twenties and around 15 stone, I've dropped 8lb and have a lot more to go!

I'd love to see people who have had similar issues and some before and afters! Also for those fellow sufferers: what do you wear to workout in public? Has your cellulite receded or has it worsened? I will be losing weight regardless :-)

Thank you!


  • LadyGauche
    LadyGauche Posts: 36 Member
  • ktno1
    ktno1 Posts: 297 Member
    I don't have photos but after losing my first 10kg I noticed a significant reduction in cellulite. Calves and arms have cleared up completely and thighs and butt are looking heaps better. Still have a lot to lose so hoping it continues to improve! I workout at home thanks to the conundrum of what to wear so can't help you there! :p
  • Chikipiwi
    Chikipiwi Posts: 117 Member
    Lifting weights its the only thing that has helped with my cellulite....
  • LadyGauche
    LadyGauche Posts: 36 Member
    Thanks for your replies! It's nice to hear from other people who also have this issue, I have started to incorporate a bit of weight lifting into what I'm doing now (seems to be the grail for a lot of people) so I'll definitely keep up with that. I'm not expecting it will *ALL* go, but if I can at least wear workout gear without being so aware of every dimple it would be nice.
    It doesn't help being bottom heavy! It's definitely a bad ticket in the genetic lottery, all of the ladies in my family suffer with the same to varying degrees.
  • perkymommy
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    I didn't take pictures but I also have it on the back of my legs the most and my upper arms and belly too. The legs are starting to look a lot better and my arms are thinning down as well and I don't even work them out. Walking helps me and biking as well. I don't ride my bike as much due to my knee hurting when I do but I walk on the treadmill every other and use the steep incline for most of it. I can't ever lose cellulite usually until I'm about 5-10 lbs away from goal. It's the last thing to go usually. :(

    I have a treadmill at home so I don't go to a gym. But I wear capri yoga pants usually. Once I get a little thinner I will start wearing shorts.
  • LadyGauche
    LadyGauche Posts: 36 Member
    edited March 2016
    Thanks @perkymommy it's helpful to hear from someone who also has it in weird places. I know some people find that it's worse after losing weight so it's reassuring to know that it isn't always the case. I do love to walk and to bike so I'll be sure to keep that up :)
  • Virginiac123
    Virginiac123 Posts: 1 Member
    I've not got pics but it's definitely got better with weight training and losing weight.
    I wear what I think are called Skapri's, they're basically leggings but with a little skirt bit over them. The skirt isn't long enough to get in the way but covers my backside which makes me feel less conscious of it.
  • SusanKing1981
    SusanKing1981 Posts: 257 Member
    My cellulite has improved massively after losing 50lbs. Hopefully it's only going to keep getting better.
  • sceleratis
    sceleratis Posts: 89 Member
    My cellulite improved a lot after my weight loss (60 pounds), but what really made it disappear was weight lifting. I've noticed as I've gained more muscle and lowered my body fat percentage that it has diminished to the point where it is *almost* gone. I don't think I'll ever get rid of it entirely, but it has improved dramatically with exercise.
  • LadyGauche
    LadyGauche Posts: 36 Member
    Thanks ladies! @faeriesue1 you are so beautiful! (and your heaviest is close to my starting weight, so extra inspiring :) good luck!)
    @sceleratis you look incredible! You would never know you were ever 60lbs heavier. I still have yet to brave the barbell-related weight exercises because I literally have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to that. I use dumbbells and bodyweight exercises (in the privacy of my own home aha) though I do try to lift heavy. I really do want to get into it properly though. I think I might pay for a single PT session just so someone can show me the ropes in the free weight section so I don't feel like a complete idiot when I do it completely wrong haha.
  • Cindy01Louisiana
    Cindy01Louisiana Posts: 302 Member
    I'm happy to see this thread. I have had cellulite mostly on my thighs since I hit puberty. Even when I was thin -- definitely skinny fat -- I still had it. This is inspiring to me because it gives me hope that if I keep working hard, I may someday be able to wear shorts that don't go nearly to my knees without being self-conscious and embarrassed! Thanks!
  • sceleratis
    sceleratis Posts: 89 Member
    edited March 2016
    @TuriansEverywhere Thank you! And I would definitely recommend getting with a trainer at least once to work out a weight lifting routine if you're able. 6-7 months ago I had very little idea what I was supposed to be doing in the weight room, so I stuck almost entirely to cardio which helped me lose weight, but did nothing at all for as far as building muscle. I ended up skinny fat as a result. Met with a trainer through my gym and she helped me design a routine around what I wanted to accomplish. We've since met and changed it up again to better fit my current goals, and as a result I'm seeing a lot of physical changes which has been very encouraging. Whatever you decide to do, good luck on your journey!
  • barby8051
    barby8051 Posts: 11 Member
    Re. Workout wear: at home I wear the cute, tight fitting outfits that show every single ounce of cellulite, but in public I change out the spandex capris for the regular, loose fitting ones
  • bcl003
    bcl003 Posts: 331 Member
    I wear the tight fitting shorts anyway because I found that it keeps my legs from chaffing and holds everything in. I actually wear the Champion brand because I have found that they are thicker than other brands so if you bend over nothing shows through if you know what I mean.
  • sarahbuchan465
    sarahbuchan465 Posts: 6 Member
    cellulite before and after. I've lost 15 pounds since january, still working on the orange peel on my butt!cawtv87eo9rf.jpg
  • Amym26
    Amym26 Posts: 83 Member
    Unfortunately, cellulite is genetic, and what works for one person, may not work for you. Obviously eating well, and lifting, and doing cardio helps, but your genetics will still be a big part of what you will look like. I don't know if comparing others results, will truly be helpful with what your results will end up like. Everyone is unique.
  • Numberwang22
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    Running worked for me much better than doing weights. Weights didn't really do anything to the layer of fat and just made legs look bigger overall. Running has helped reduced body fat and cellulite pretty much gone on legs, which are now way firmer!
  • LadyGauche
    LadyGauche Posts: 36 Member
    cellulite before and after. I've lost 15 pounds since january, still working on the orange peel on my butt!cawtv87eo9rf.jpg

    Woah! You look amazing and those pole skills. Damn!
  • LadyGauche
    LadyGauche Posts: 36 Member
    Thanks everyone for weighing in :)

    @bcl003 Thank you!! You know I've found I can't order capri's online because when they come it's a lucky dip as to whether they'll be thick enough and not "see through". I will definitely check those out :blush:

    @Numberwang22 Your username :lol: absolutely adore Mitchell and Webb. Thanks for the advice :) I have been thinking about adding in running, perhaps when I'm a couple of stone down and my knees can take it a bit better haha

    @Amym26 yus I am aware everyone is different, but that's why I created this thread: to concentrate the results of people who specifically suffer with cellulite so I can have a bit of insight as to what differences they've seen after losing weight... I'll find out what my own looks like eventually ha, but it is helpful to hear from people who have been there and done that (with a similar body type to your own). Hope that makes sense :smile:
  • TasiaD28
    TasiaD28 Posts: 14 Member
    I think a good combination of everything is what really helps. For me, the only time I saw a real change in my cellulite is when I did weight lifting.....light weights do not count. I lift as heavy as I can and I have never bulked up. The shape of my body improved a lot and I am fitting into clothes I have not been able to wear, since I got pregnant about three years ago! And running!!!!
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