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  • Also, regarding the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, I found this really interesting article and I just wanted to share: http://www.zoeharcombe.com/2009/12/the-minnesota-starvation-experiment/
  • There is no denying that the Minnesota Starvation Experiment was an invaluable study, but one thing that bothers me is that no women were included. I am curious to know if there would be any significant differences in results in women, due to our biological differences-higher body fat percentage, protection of fat stores…
  • I highly recommend trying it. I had written a longer post but I lost it without saving on my phone somehow. The plan includes adding foods back gradually at the end of the 30 days. A lot the people commenting negatively on this thread apparently have not read the books or researched the full plan. Find out for yourself. I…
  • Yes, I have experienced this from time to time. Chewing a couple TUMS takes care of it the most quickly.
  • My guy has gastroparesis. He's definitely an exception to the rule, but I would call him a hard gainer...he's 5'8" and fluctuates between 111-125 lbs. I know this is an old thread...just saying.
  • Actually, people with failing kidneys or congestive heart failure can put on tons of water weight. Like 20-30 lbs or more in a couple weeks. Just saying. It does happen to patients in hospitals. Once they get on meds or dialysis, they lose that water weight just as quickly.
  • My guy has gastroparesis. He 5'8" and about 115 lbs. I'm trying to fatten him up, because he is severely underweight. He eats like 6000 cal/day. UGH. I just want to give him 45 lbs of mine and then he'll be a healthy weight and I'll only be slightly overweight. LOL But, he has beautiful green eyes... :blush: Also, he plays…
  • I go by the 80/20 rule. 80% of what I eat is healthy, 20% is not so healthy. But all food has some nutrition, and helps me meet my goals. As long as I'm within or close to my calorie goal at the end of the day, I don't worry. I also have a very modest goal of loss, about 5 lbs/month. I'm exceeding that rate for now.
  • I know starvation mode is a myth. What I meant is, you would have to lower your calories more to maintain the same rate of loss. If you're ok with your rate of loss slowing a lot, that's ok. But again, I ask, why eat so little when you don't have to? And yes, starvation mode is a myth, but that doesn't mean how much you…
  • I agree that 1500 cal sounds low for man of your height. My goal is 1800/day, plus I eat back any exercise calories. I also have a very sedentary job. I'm a 5'9" woman, and so far I'm losing over 2.5 lbs/week. I'm sure you could eat more and still have good results. I know it's working for you now, but the problem will…
  • @Nony_Mouse Sorry, I'm bored at work. The last post was actually just June of this year though, in my defense. LOL
  • When I lost the weight in the past, I made new habits with eating and exercise, but I still gained it all back eventually, so no matter what method I choose, I have about the same long-term success rate. Just something to ponder.
  • I've never been able to lose a significant amount of weight without increasing my activity/exercise, so it works for me! :smiley:
  • FYI, saliva tests are much easier to pass than urine, especially if you're smoking the cheeba. And drinking a ton of water 1 hour before does help.
  • Beautiful, deep dark eyes and long, thick eyelashes on guys. :)
  • Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, and other high fiber foods. Fiber, protein, and fat help me feel satisfied. Eat full fat dairy and don't be afraid to put some butter or dressing on your veggies! I also like soup, and high fiber cereal with a little 2% milk, to keep my hunger at bay.
  • Name: Debra Age: 37, turning 38 July 17th :) Height: 5'9.5" Start Weight: 226 Goal Weight: 220 Weigh-ins: July 3th: 226 July 10th: 225 July 17th: July 24th: July 31st: Weight -/+ this week: 0 Weight -/+ this month: 0 Successes / struggles this week: Stayed in calories 6 out of 7 days this week and I'm losing more steadily…
  • Great! Name: Debra Age: 37, turning 38 July 17th :) Height: 5'9.5" Start Weight: 226 Goal Weight: 220 Weigh-ins: July 3th: 226 July 10th: July 17th: July 24th: July 31st: Weight -/+ this week: 0 Weight -/+ this month: 0 Successes / struggles this week: Stayed under my calories nearly every day, even at a July 4th BBQ!…
  • I'll be in for the July-September tracker! I want to lose at least 20 pounds before my trip to Germany for Oktoberfest! :)
  • Bottom line: As long as you create a caloric deficit, who cares how you do it?
  • I tend to get more hungry the more active I am. If I don't work out, I might get a few hunger pangs in between meals, but nothing I can't ignore. On a day I work out, though, I can feel famished after more than 4 hours without eating! Working out definitely helps me lose weight, but it sucks that it increases my appetite…
  • These are my favorite shakes. They don't have the highest amount of protein, but they are the best tasting, IMO, and they keep hunger at bay for at least a few hours. idealshape.com
  • 5'9.5"! Always looking for a tall man. :smile:
  • I haven't counted my alcohol calories the last few weeks at all, and I drink 1-2x/week, at least a few drinks at a time. I'm still losing steadily at 2+ pounds a week, and I'm eating all of, or more than, my food calories every day. (I had buttered popcorn last night that I didn't log, and late night pizza the day before.)…