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  • About 30 lbs for me to go from US size 10 to US size 8. For size 8 to size 6 was 25ish lbs. Also-- that's for almost identical copies of the same outfit. When I was at my low weight I was wearing size 6, size 8, size 10, small, and medium.
  • I was not referencing a study. I am a 6'0 woman using my numbers and making assumptions based on the OP's numbers. OP said they are 81 KG, which is about 180 lbs, ironically. I am not sure what your last sentence means.
  • Hm? This is not what your diary says. Your diary says that when you workout you typically eat back your workout calories. That's why it's also important to figure out if your workout calories are accurate :) Cardio tends to be most accurate: walking a mile is about 100 calories burned. (variance due to height, weight, age,…
  • I went from obese down to overweight with MFP. Before I was obese I was likely overweight for a while, creeping up. After I was obese I was overweight for a while- almost a year, slowly but surely losing weight with MFP. I crept back up to overweight in covid times. Even while not overweight, my MFP progress chart looks…
  • It is 100% possible to wipe out a calorie deficit with 1 cheat day. I'm actually quite good at doing just that myself, heh. Going through your diary time- are you using a food scale? Some of the items are a little suspect.* Yorkshire Tea - Tea, 500 ml Yorkshire Tea,50ml semi-skim milk 1/2 tsp(2g) unrefined sugar: is this a…
  • How long has your weight stayed the same? How are you counting calories? How are you counting exercise? Open your diary for more helpful feedback.
  • Adding calories can't get you out of a plateau. A true plateau (same calories in - measured, same calories out- activity level) would be longer than 2 weeks and would indicate you're eating at maintenance level. Can you open your diary?
  • Everyone answered your specific question so I'll go more general- don't worry about a single scale measurement. A single weigh-in is completely meaningless. Weigh yourself regularly with a rhythm that works for you (daily/weekly/at random), add them to a plot and then don't look at a time period smaller than a month.
  • I have learned that I need to weigh myself every few months and if my weight is up, try to cut down on some things. If it's still up after cutting down, I need to calorie count to re-baseline. I am the child of two morbidly obese parents. I found MFP when I was obese for the first time in my life and used it to lose 70…
  • Yup. I am also 6ft and currently overweight by BMI. In the past when I let my weight creep up I absolutely got the comments saying I didn't "Need" to lose weight and such. Everyone has an opinion and no one realizes tall proportions! I had a girl once say to me that she thought people who weighed over 150 lbs were…
  • What are your calories in vs out? Is it possible you are double counting a fitness tracker? Net calories on the app should be positive.
  • 1 week is a blip. Unless you're concerned that your logging isn't accurate, re-evaluate at the end of week 2 and 3. You can also open your diary.
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  • See a doctor, not a masseuse. Getting a massage can actually make it worse, depending on what is going on. Schedule your PT asap! Talk with your PT about your concerns. You could also get a referral to a registered dietician (not nutritionist) to work on a meal plan for while you are recovering and safe movement for while…
  • My iron levels seemingly have no impact on my tiredness.
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  • You can either use the recipe feature, or you can just add the calories based on the % you ate. I do that a lot when I'm lazy. Example: I made a stir fry and I know it has 900 calories. I eat about 1/3 of it today, so I just put quick-add 300 calories today. The next day I eat 2/3, so I quickadd 600 calories. The quick add…
  • Your calories in vs calories out (exercise, daily living) are the only things that matter for weight loss. Are you logging your food?
  • NuSkin is a predatory MLM with a history of fraud, inaccurate supplement content, and false claims. MLM is another name for pyramid scheme. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nu_Skin_Enterprises
  • My stats are a little different than you (I'm a giraffe), but am also on 1,500 calories NET. Today I will go on a walk and burn 150 calories. That means I can eat 1650, subtract the 150, and still hit my goal calories of 1,500 NET. If you find it is too hard to stick to 1,500, change your goal to a lower # of lbs/week.…
  • I love to exercise. I do a balance of cardio (dance, treadmill, dog walkin'), Strength (weighted squats, rows, etc), Balance (balance board, stairs, dance), and stretching (light, because I'm hypermobile). The way to figure out what's right for you is to look at why you stopped in the past. Was it too much? Too boring? Too…
  • If the symptoms are above the neck (sinus, runny nose), I still exercise. Mayo Clinic Advisory: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/expert-answers/exercise/faq-20058494 I have a broken thumb right now which apparently requires a full arm cast so that I don't use the tendons at all for 6-10 weeks. I've…
  • FYI no such thing as Clean or Dirty or Not Clean for food. It sounds like the meal was disproportionately high in fat, simple carbohydrates, and sodium compared to your new way of eating. A change in fat levels plus simple carbs (less fiber) will mess up your toilet habits.
  • I have a Scot/Irish background and turn redredred and sweaty after any workout. This has been true whether I am overwight, normal weight, or underweight. I will say it takes longer for me to START sweating at a normal weight. About zumba--- after a few weeks you'll become more efficient at the movements and have to work…
  • Is your weight going up? Are your measurements going up?
  • If you have 75+ lbs to lose 2 lbs/week is ideal, If you have 40-75 lbs to lose 1.5 lbs/week is ideal, If you have 25-40 lbs to lose 1 lbs/week is ideal, If you have 15 -25 lbs to lose 0.5 to 1.0 lbs/week is ideal, and If you have less than 15 lbs to lose 0.5 lbs/week is ideal.
  • Nope! Not true at all. You can't spot reduce. You can't pick where the weight comes off. On me my hips are the first place I gain and the last thing to go.
  • You can buy masks online. Coordinate with your pediatricians so that you can get the tests.
  • I'm confused. Are you asking why net vs total? Info: https://www.webmd.com/women/features/net-carb-debate And personal experience: I've never counted carbs and I've always succeeded in weight loss because I count calories. I'm a vegetarian and eat both simple and complex carbohydrates. I probably eat more complex carbs…
  • I've stayed in the Normal BMI range for 6 years. I absolutely have had to come back and log for a little.. about once every 6-10 months. Here's my chart. I hit normal BMI in June 2014. All of the mountains after 2015 are moments when I realized my weight crept up and I needed to log for a few weeks, about 7 times in 5 yrs.…
  • Personally, I like being in the middle of my BMI range to the lower end. Did I decide that when I started losing weight? NO! I took it 1 lb at a time as I got lower.