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  • 110 mg/dl woohoo!!! :# Could be that new training program at the gym :| Goingto have to test a little more often the next few days, fasting has been trending upward the last couple of days. My glucometer is also 3 years old :* ordered a new one yesterday...
  • 107 mg/dl Muuuuch higher than I'd like the last 2 days :s
  • Have you tried magnesium supplement & maybe a probiotic supplement? Every night I take 2 acidophilus (2 billion per) and 1 magnesium malate 1000 mg tablet. Every morning, like clockwork, my system wakes up when I do and does it's thing ;)
  • 102 mg/dl :| a little higher than I'd like, but I'll take it ;)
  • Good morning everyone! 98 mg/dl
  • No we only wear one pair, the asics mostly. When I don't wear them, and I'm wearing regular sneakers, I kick em off and just lift in socks.
  • Ahh...yes, in the case of wide feet, definately go with a wrestling shoe. The asics we use come in wide widths, they're soft and flexible, allowing for plenty of natural movement. My son has some pretty significant bunion activity happening, making chucks a terrible fit. However, I happened upon a search string on…
  • Bah! I don't react well to it. Berberine raises my blood pressure :# heh, heh ;) grabbed my attention though B)
  • wahhhhht? That's awesome!!! I'm gonna check that out. As I said before, I like them even outside of the gym!
  • 70 mg/dl annnnd I'm starving :o I'm lucky in that this low, doesn't affect me except that I've noticed I'm really really hungry. Ever since I was a child, I never wake hungry. Made me a very insolent child because breakfast was the 'most important meal of the day' :p
  • Meh. That wasn't the question asked.
  • I personally do not. However, that's because I count carbs that might raise my bg.
  • I expect that the question is, will carb restriction be a sustainable way for you to eat. Will carb restriction work? Absolutely. Is it sustainable? Depends on the person. Hope that helps. Good luck ;)
  • I heard there were brownies >:)
  • I don't like the aftertaste of stevia or stevia blends. I use swerve swervesweetener.com/
  • Well now...that's a horse of a different color, isn't it?
  • Hey, awesome tip!!! The asics we buy are under 50$ on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U8ZX16M/ref=crt_ewc_title_gw_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3B4LZ0SELNSA1 Chucks don't fit the men in my family either (wide feet), for weight training, they opt for the asics linked above.
  • Another thought....I've heard about the whole fat cell thing and wondered if anyone who touts that, considers that cells eventually die. I expect you won't be lugging them around with you forever. What you said above is also a lot of conjecture. You're guessing that your metabolism won't ever recover, you will have these…
  • Why not just limit carbs? I'm not sure I'd be convinced there's such a thing as an effective 'carb blocker' per se, as any T2D can tell you ;) PS: ditto on the recommendation to start a weight training program eta: last part cause apparently my lack of carbs is limiting my ability to string a few words together :p
  • Pinterest ;) I like spaghetti squash Carbonara, parmesan, 3 cheese, whatever. Anything with a WHOLE bunch of cheese in it!!! However, due to it's carb content, I can't enjoy it a whole lot :s
  • We wear asics wrestling shoes. They are flat without any cushioning whatsoever. I wore holes in 'em & actually need a new pair, just haven't gotten around to replacing them as yet :p In their stead, I go barefoot. So I wear regular sneakers to gym, when it's time to dead lift, squat or do military presses, I kick 'em off.…
  • Hope your issue is on it's way to resolved if not already ;) I'm interested in this 'natural metformin replacement' you're taking. Exactly what is it please?
  • I take quite a few ;) Magnesium Acidophilus Alpha Lipoic Biotin Black currant oil Krill oil
  • Decision time :/ Either do or don't. It's a personal choice. I give in to extra calories, not stuff that isn't part of my diet plan. That way, all I have to do is additional activity to mitigate any damage ;) edited cause apparently I can't spell tonight -____-
  • I would recommend you input your stats into something like http://ketodietapp.com/Blog/page/KetoDiet-Buddy to get a starting point & caloric goal. Good luck ;)
  • ;) That's awesome!!! Indeed. I look better now, than I did when I was 30!!
  • I don't have anything to offer, but sympathy for such a serious injury :# I hope you get through ok & manage to continue an active lifestyle <3 edited for duh, typo :|
  • I think the idea that it's something different, comes along because folks say to themselves, I'm doing this now, and it will take (insert time span here) months to accomplish. Ya know, now that I'm where I want to be weight-wise. Myself included!! Especially if they lose weight first and start weight training afterwards.…
  • I've always been an avocado lover. I had no idea about the carbs, until just this past week, so it's funny that this topic came up :p I had never logged it before (just starting up mfp again after a couple of years) and to my surprise, my delicious whole avocado is chock full of more carbs than I can handle in one sitting…