PMS Cravings

Help! For the last two days I have had uncontrollable hunger. I have craved salt and sweets. I try to drink plenty of water. I have read a little, but not sure that is helpful. Some say to give in, but if I do I can't stop.
The cravings are worse at night especially if kids won't let me sleep or if I get a bit stressed.


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    Decision time :/
    Either do or don't. It's a personal choice.
    I give in to extra calories, not stuff that isn't part of my diet plan. That way, all I have to do is additional activity to mitigate any damage ;)

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    I had to learn to moderate. Restricting doesn't work for me. It helps me to log everything. I look at my calorie goal as a budget. I have X amount of calories per day. If I am craving something I will look at the calorie count. If I can "afford it" then I eat it. Sometimes just looking at how many calories it will take is enough to talk me out of it. I hate to waste calories on something that isn't really worth it.
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    hookilau wrote: »
    Decision time :/
    Either do or don't. It's a personal choice.
    I give in to extra calories, not stuff that isn't part of my diet plan. That way, all I have to do is additional activity to mitigate any damage ;)

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    I used to do the same. I ate as much meat and vegetables as I wanted, happily going over on calories, but didn't give in to the sugar cravings because there was no satisfying them. I've read (not sure if it was theory or proven) that your metabolism increases during PMS, hence the monster appetite.

  • jolybac
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    Keto has helped me with that tremendously. Uncontrollable cravings have basically disappeared (and it always got very bad at that time....I just wanted to eat and eat and eat, nothing would satisfy it).
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    not sure how true it is or not but I have read that not getting enough fat in your diet could cause cravings as well. maybe get more healthy fats into your diet if you dont already?
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    This weekend is my pms nice that it's always on the weekend..

    Anyway either a couple things happen 1. I try to stay at deficit ,up water ,fit in tiny treats and be miserable 2. Say ok whatever I'll eat around maintenance or 3. Give up ,cry and eat everything in sight for a day ...
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    If you're someone who's able to moderate, giving into the cravings just enough to satisfy them while eating at a smaller deficit than usual is my approach to PMS. Want chocolate? Have one or two squares of dark chocolate. Want chips? Have 40 g of chips (or tortilla chips). Want a cookie? Have one cookie. Want ice cream? Have one serving of ice cream in a ramekin (because it looks like more in the teeny tiny container).
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    Ugh, so hard. Can you eat at maintenance just until your period comes?
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    I have cravings the week before my period too. Eat an extra 100-200 calories every day or something and try to workout a bit harder. Also, I've heard we naturally burn more calories around this time in our cycle so you'll probably be fine with having a sweet snack. Haha
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    Yep, I've been hungry all week so I knew my period was on its way. I had some biscuits the other night and last night I has some chocolate, funnily enough I felt full much sooner than I would have before so was able to stop and put them away once I felt satisfied. My weigh in was this morning and I'm up 500g I'm disappointed as I was hoping for a loss this week and had been right on track until the pms monster showed up. However I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Next week will be better and Im aiming to drop that 500g and more.
    No advise really on what to do to manage it though.
    Eat the chocolate or fast food log it then pull back 100 call every day next week?
    It's not the end of the world but it is annoying when you are trying so hard and your own bloody body is trying to sabatage you
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    When my appetite spikes up premenstrually, I honor it and eat at maintenance for a few days. Most times I add a snack and have a slightly larger dinner, and/or a treat.

    Here are my general tips for cravings:

    When I do the following, I don't have cravings:

    1. Get sufficient sleep
    2. Exercise regularly - when I get the happy hormones from exercise, I'm not prone to seeking them from food.
    3. Get sufficient protein in relationship to carbs. I'm not low carb, but reducing carbs and upping protein worked for cravings for me. See also
    4. Eat moderate amounts of fruit. This makes me less interested in higher calorie sweets.
    5. Take a magnesium supplement. This can be especially helpful for women premenstrually.
    6. Save foods like chocolate for after dinner, in small amounts
    7. Stay hydrated
    8. Have a calorie deficit that is appropriate for the amount of weight I need to lose. An overly aggressive goal can definitely lead to cravings.
    9. Eat at maintenance when my appetite goes up premenstrually.
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    I ignored the cravings for two days. Today I gave in and overindulged. It happens once every 6-8 weeks. I used to worry that I would go off the rails for days. Hadn't happened yet. Back to normal eating. It's different for each woman. I have no desire to splurge any other times. Even ate a deficit on Thanksgiving. I just can't fight the PMS demon.

    That's why I stay in a low weight range and eat at a slight deficit until the hormonal beast is awakened. My overindulgence is generally over 3,000 calories. I log the day and move on. That works for me. I have no recommendation for you. Just maybe try maintenance and see if you can stop there.

    Also mine isn't hunger. It's pure cravings.
  • skellymama1
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    Same here @leejoyce31 I wouldn't eat chocolate any other time of the month but in the days up to my period I could eat my body weight in the stuff!
  • xYuKi_HiMe_SaMa7
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    Try eating foods with a high iron content, such as a square of 90% cocoa chocolate, some muscles (shellfish), or a lean beef steak etc.
    Your body needs extra iron as you'll be losing iron due to your period.
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    No weight loss in the last week. I believe most of my cravings have subsided. No gain either.Thanks for all the tips!
    I don't want to give up just because I have had a few bad days.
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    Holy *kitten* you just made me realize thats probably why iv been so damn hungry past few days. My grocery shop today was horrifying XD I literally bought an entire cheesecake LOL (iv not had a single day over my calorie limit in 7 months )
  • skellymama1
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    So no loss, no gain, sounds good for the week that was in it.
    Just to update I went from 72.3 kgs to 73.8kg the week my period was due even though I ate to plan. 5 days later I'm down to 72.6kg. I did have chocolate and biscuits but I didn't go crazy.
    I think the key is to just try to manage it, not let it get out of hand and not beat yourself up about it and get back to plan straight away.
    Onwards and upwards until next month!