Success then injury.....need ideas

In the last 5 years I have gone from 211lbs at who knows what body fat to 135 ~20-25% depending on the phase. Lifting has become my absolute FAVORITE thing. My entire life outside of work is fitness goal oriented. I just tore my left bicep and have to have surgery next week. The doctor said it will be 4-6 MONTHS before I can go back to lifting and 2-3 months until I can do cardio (which I hate but is better than nothing). I am terrified. I can't go back to being that fat, lethargic blob. I can't imagine months of no gym. I asked for help or ideas on my regular FB page but all I got were comments about how I should just enjoy a break and how they would love to have a reason not to go to the gym. No one gets it. I want to sit down and cry. I feel like everything I have worked so hard for for five years is being taken away from me. Ideas on lower body stuff that will put no stress on my arm and shoulder area? Ideas for dealing with the emotional side of this? I need hep.


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    Look on the bright side: now you have no excuse to skip leg day. :p

    If you're able to run then do that; if not, go out and power walk. You can burn a surprising amount calories just doing that. Use the Map My Walk app to track your distances and workouts and explore your neighborhood or the local parks.

    You can also ride a recumbent bike in the gym. That should put zero stress on your shoulder as long as you don't push it into the seat.

    It's okay to be upset about this. But your priority is letting that injury heal, so if you have to minimize your activities to get better then minimize.

    Good luck!
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    You should be able to use a stationary bike and the stairmaster. Walking is also good to just get moving. I know how hard it is... I've been dealing with a lot of stuff in the past year as well thats kept me from lifting all together, and only really doing low impact cardio. You just have to be more aware of your calorie intake and adjust it accordingly. If you do happen to gain some weight, dont let it get to you. Its okay... life happens, and you can fix it when you're able to get back into a routine again.
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    I don't have anything to offer, but sympathy for such a serious injury :# I hope you get through ok & manage to continue an active lifestyle <3

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    I totally understand what you are going thru...I think walking is your best option at this time...Good luck!