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  • This has been happening to me too. I have multi-add turned on and instead of clicking the food and hitting the check, I have to mark the food, by clicking the check next to it, then click the food to change the amount, then click the check at the top to add the food. It's an annoying added step and I don't know if it's…
  • I think what they meant was the difference in weighing raw and using a raw weight vs weighing cooked and using a cooked weight is negligible. OP, just make sure your weights correspond to your entry. raw wt = raw entry; cooked weight= cooked entry. Use packaging when you can as the user entered database may reflect…
  • Can't I just stand on my scale and spray it into my mouth? ;)
  • 1) Height; 2) Weight; 3) Age; 4) Gender; 5) Body fat % (if you know it); 6) Length of time at maintenance; 7) Average calories consumed; 8) Average calories burned through purposeful exercise; 9) Types of exercise; 10) Average length of exercise 1. 5'3" 2. 125 lbs 3. 44 4. Female 5. 20% (based on comparison photos) 6. 5…
  • LOL, my husband is the same way. :)
  • If I eat before 11 a.m. I am hungry all day long regardless of what I eat or macro balance. So, I don't. No reason you have to eat in the morning. Also, it allows me to have two larger meals and a snack before bed; all of which I find much more satiating. It's really not uncommon at all. Playing with macros for the rest of…
  • If it's something like shrimp, you can thaw it and use a thawed entry. The USDA database has whole foods and you can use those numbers. https://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/search/list
  • If it's prepackaged then you use the frozen weight. You're only going to be able to be but so precise. If you thaw it first, then you're under-logging. Not a big issue with many vegetables, but for more caloric foods it will make a difference. Again, unless the bag specifies cook or as prepared.
  • The calories for frozen foods are usually for the frozen weight unless it says something like "as prepared".
  • Same for me. Using a weekly goal, I can find ways to fit in anything. Just not anything at any time.
  • You can do whatever you like. I love almond butter. I think opening your options up to more than just typical breakfast foods will be helpful.
  • That's an excellent method. We usually say it's getting late and suggest they start their car to warm it up.
  • Peanut butter to the rescue! BP and banana sandwich! Goes great with coffee. I agree with leftovers. I think they make great breakfasts.
  • If it's the occasional thing, then log it and move on. There are many of us that follow a weekly calorie goal, so I intentionally have higher and lower days. There needs to be balance though. Over-restricting can lead to binging, so it's good to not swing too low. I usually have days that are 200ish under and then some…