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  • That I didn't eat any of the donuts in the office kitchen this morning. Nor eat any of the candy in dishes around the office.
  • I was a Whrath Baby and I played it a lot. In fact it was the game that got me back into gaming in general after a multi-year hiatus in 2009. I took my first break in Cata and didn't last a month. I came back and played though most of Mists and would take multi month breaks throughout that expac. I've not gotten heavy into…
  • Diablo 3 RoS Rogue Legacy Ys: Memories of Celceta (lots of other stuff on my Vita)
  • I couldn't do LOL because it is too technical for me, the matches are too long, and the community is considered... well... nit that nice. I've been playing Heroes of the Storm and really liking it though
  • I couldn't get past the first 30 minutes or so of that game when it first came out.
  • My Steam Library of Shame (games I have but have not played) has gotten way too big after the recent sales and Humble Bundles. I've been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm and a little of Diablo 3 RoS just preparing for the new season in a few days. When not playing those I've been at least trying a few of the games in…
  • I just picked it up FFXIVARR from the humble bundle. Haven't even got outta the first city yet..
  • I was in the beta and played it a lot when it released and through the first adventure pack. I've not played it much in the last 6 months or so. I feel like I'm too far behind to do much good and there were so many games that released over the summer that I just didn't come back to it.
  • I too play all the things. My SteamID and my PSN ID is Whrathgar I also play Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm in Battlenet. DM me if you wanna play those.
  • I am thinking about taking my 3DS with me while on the elliptical or stationary bike. A game like Pokemon that doesn't require twitch reactions might work. I've also played MTG and Hearthstone while on the elliptical before.
  • Also, after writing what I was playing I downloaded ChronoTrigger. This will be my first playthru. Some I'm doing that as well.
  • Elite Dangerous: got it on Steam Sale GTA 5 (PC): first PC playthru. I completed it on Xbox360 back in the day Witcher 3 Little bit of HoTS
  • I play occasionally. I've not leveled up much and I'm not particularly good. I'll play with anyone who's interested. TurtlRunFast#1358
  • I have a Vita and a Tablet. I mostly read books on my tablet while doing the elliptical.
  • I got my friend to finally buy a PS4 for Christmas; so I am playing Diablo 3 on it with him a lot. I'm also playing some Skyrim on the laptop, Guild Wars 2, Shadow of Mordor and even a little Destiny. I've also been playing a lot of Rogue Legacy on my Vita.
  • I plan on playing it on PS4 this summer. I played the beta on my PC back in the day and I just don't think my hardware was beefy enough to really run it well. I'm also part of a larger community on PS4 that I will be able to play with.
  • Started both Bioshock infinite and The Last of Us Remastered in the same week. Enjoying both.
  • I played the Alpha and loved it and I'm playing the Beta and loving it. I'm Whrathgar on PSN if anyone wants to save the world with me. I'm on a PS4
  • Mother of GAWD... That will take a lot of time...
  • While listening to the IGN Beyond Podcast they recommneded Final Fantasy Tactics as possibly one of the best games ever made. So I picked that up on my Vita and have started it. I'm not sure yet, it's very different. I'm not very far so I'm witholding my judgement for the time being. Also started the Destiny Beta last…
  • That's cool. Diablo 3 is fun. Have you tried Torchlight 2?
  • The K/D talk is making me a sad panda. I love FPS, but I suck so bad at multiplayer it is kinda silly.
  • Alodiaa, what did you dislike about Pandaria? As far as story and zones go I really think they've outdone themselves with this expac. The only issue I have is them dropping new content patches too quickly and then going a whole year without new content.
  • This past weekend 2 things conspired to cause me to pick WoW back up. 1. The beta for Warlords of Draenor started 2. Found out 2 friends I play Pathfinder with are back into WoW. So I spent the weekend playing a fresh new Worgen Warlock. What's worse than a Werewolf suffering from an ancient druidic curse? A Werewolf who…
  • Well the sale is over and I behaved myself for the most part. I bought too many games, don't get me wrong, but I still used restraint. Final report: Purchased: Borderlands 2 Darksiders 1 Darksiders 2 Far Cry 3 State of Decay Torchlight 2 So in the end I spent about $30-$35 but in return I have secured probably 200 hours of…
  • know what you mean. I'm seriously thinking about only doing PvP in the Beta to save the story for release. Not sure yet.
  • Need to add Torchlight 2 to my playing list. picked it up on the steam sale for $5 and just spent 3 hours playing it. very fun for very cheap.
  • A sport? No. Not anymore than Poker or Chess are sports. The only E-Sport I've gotten into so far is competitive Hearthstone, but that is because I love that game. I've not played LOL or DOTA, so I can't follow what the players are doing. And I've never been half decent at multiplayer Starcraft so I haven't gotten into…
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  • I have to say I love my PS4 and I've loved the indies that are on it, Resogun being one of the best titles on the platform. You're right about digital distribution though. Sony and Microsoft want us to buy the digital copies, but don't want to make deep discounts even though there are so many restrictions when you buy a…