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  • Picked up Darksiders 1 & 2 on a Community Sale. I started DS2 on my 360 before I sold if and really liked it. Looking forward to playing it all the way through. Also picked up Borderlands 2 and really liking it.
  • I def agree that the game is a let down from the hype leading up to it. I don't feel driven to play it at all, and that is a problem because there is no way I will buy a sequel to this game. That said, how do you like Transistor? Currently playing: Watch Dogs Borderlands 2 Skyrim Hearthstone Pixel Junk Shooter Trials…
  • I'm having fun with it. It's not as good as say GTA 5, or AC Black Flag, but I'm enjoying it enough.
  • I am going to pick it up on PS4 when it comes out. Had it on 360 but sold it all to be an early adopter of this gen so I haven't played it in a while...
  • I'm trying to use the same moderation I apply to weight loss to the Steam Sale. I am only buying games I know I want to play and will likely make an effort to play. For example, I bought Far Cry 3 because I have heard great things about it and I have never played any far cry games. I chose to contian myself and not buy DMC…
  • TurtlRunFast#1358 I've not played in the last 2 weeks or so. But I do love it so...
  • Just downlaoded this on my Vita last night. Only spent about 20 minutes in the tutorial. Not sure what I think about it yet.
  • This is sorta how I feel. I'm interested in Wildstar, but I just know I don't have enough time to commit to an MMO and still play other games I'm enjoying. Especially when I know I will be playing the WoW expansion when it comes out in a few months and that I am all in on Destiny when it releases. I've also not even fully…
  • The new Far Cry looks pretty awesome. I'm also going to pick up GTA V for PS4 when it comes out, that game is just fun to cut on and goof off with. Also can't wait for Destiny. I'm a recent PS convert, so the new uncharted will be my first. Also stoked for PS Now so I can play some previous gen titles.
  • It was interesting how I would just end up naturally working together with people in the world to take on stuff and then disperse, very MMO like. Even after playing in the small Alpha area for hours on Saturday I still found new places I hadn't seen last night when played right before they shut it down.
  • This past weekend I was all about the Destiny Alpha, had a lot of fun playing that. Also picked up Arkham Asylum and Arkham City on sale for like $7 a few weeks ago and been playing Asylum. I've actually sunk the most time into Pixal Junk Shooter on my Vita. Very addictive game and easy to pick up and then put back down.…
  • Darksiders is such a great series. I really hope the guys that bought the IP do something with it soon.
  • I actually traded my 360 for an Xbone and then didn't like it and traded my Xbone for the PS4. I will likely pick up an Xbone in a year or so when the price drops and there are more games for it.
  • On PS4/PC/XBONE?
  • Updating my own answer from before. I am now mostly playing: Skyrim Trials Fusion I also have been craving playing some Hearthstone again. Took some time off and it is about time to start back up.
  • Speaking of Classic SNES. I'd watch a "Zelda: Link to the Past" Let's Play.
  • I'll take a look. If you're funny/entertaining I'll keep watching. I currently spend most of my workday listening to gamer channels while making link charts or maps. Currently listen to/watch: Theradbrad Totalbiscuit WoodenPotatoes Angry Joe The Escapist (and their sub related channels) Game Theorists And more as I come…
  • First toon ever was a Dwarf Paladin. Played him for about 7 levels and it just didn't feel right. Re-rolled an Undead Aff Warlock and fell in love. He's been my main ever since, although at level cap he switched specs to Destro. I enjoyed the feeling of being a potentially evil character, or at least one that was obviously…
  • Not a bad plan, I normally buy breezehome pretty quick. I let Lydia "carry my burdens" from the dungeon to the store, sell everything and buy a house just to pile my stuff in.
  • 350 hours? Amateur... But seriously, that is a lot of time. What class are you playing? Any mods? I've thought about using a mod to let me use dragon souls for perks so I can unlock more stuff after hitting max level.
  • Infamous: Second Son and Skyrim
  • I liked it on my xbox, but I kept getting annoyed at having to stop adventuring to find various vendors to sell my crap to. And if I didn't do that often enough I'd get caught out in the world with dragon bones with no way to carry them home. Hence the reason I'm loving mods on the PC. I've made all crafting stuff weigh…
  • I wanted to update mine since my original post is very old. PSN: WHRATHGAR Steam: WHRATHGAR WoW: Whrathgar, Garwharth, Eachan (Exodar Svr - Horde) and Pandokomon and Kindi (Exodar Svr - Alliance) Looking for people to play with on PSN as I am a new convert this gen.
  • I actually thought I'd go bad, but the first choice for going bad didn't seem legit for me from an RP perspective. So I'll do this playthru as a hero.
  • This was almost exactly my experience. This was my 3rd beta weekend too. Before 1st Beta - So stoked really want this game to come out. After first Beta - Still really stoked, I wanna see this story progress After 2nd Beta - This combat isn't really very good, and this game world really isn't all that interesting, and this…
  • I bought and played it on the Xbone. I wanted to love it, but in the end I was just meh. I really ma not into online FPS which is all it is. If it had a campaign I'd have loved it.
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  • Picked it up the other day and started it last night. Very fun.
  • Ha! Doesn't that explian almost all PVP type games. I don't mind dying, even dying a lot, but I'd like to think I was trying to complete a task when I died.
  • I was set to switch to PS4 this gen mainly because I had no desire for the camera and there were not any exclusives that made me willing to pay an additional $100 for the console. Then I stumbled on a great deal and got a Day one version of Xbox One for $450. So I'm happy and playing AC4 and just bought BF4 on Ebay. W00T!
  • There's a lot of community sites, podcasts and even livestreams on twitch that can teach you a lot about how to play. I love listening to The Angry Chicken Podcast. There are websites with deck lists using only the basic free cards (Hearthpwn), and Trump does great livestreams where he talks about why he plays each card.