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  • Look into what the folks here have to suggest and what strategies they follow
  • Same here too! Back to 1200 again and again.
  • How is it that a number of solid foods only have fluid units available? I wanted to enter canned peas one time, and several of the items had dropdown units menus that had cups, fluid ounces, and milliliters. No solid units. Did someone enter the item, put "cups", and then some algorithm assumed the food was a fluid? I did…
  • I suspect the OP would rather sing solo "I Will Survive"
  • Big, big hugs to you, I am so sorry for all your losses! And caretakers need lots of care too! <3 I am glad you have support here.
  • Please forgive Ducky’s quacked sense of humor 🦆🦆 Seriously, your photography and stories are wonderful.
  • More likely that the bears reward themselves with you? 😮
  • Looks like stress is the major factor of concern in that study. And as far as the study design, asking participants to recall what happened over a long time isn't the best way to get data, as they may forget details or misjudge severity.
  • Running or walking outside where it isn't crowded - I have unmasked Anything indoors with a fair number of people, such as in restaurants and grocery stores - I will still mask for the foreseeable future How do I know if all unmasked folks have been vaccinated? I am looking forward to getting together with vaxxed friends…
  • Even with the CDC mask mandate being lifted for all except big crowds, Los Angeles County is still being more strict although as far as I can tell, I don't need it outdoors...? but vaccinated people can gather indoors.…
  • I no longer fit into some of my favorite clothes, including a vest that completes several of my outfits.
  • Excellent! I am cheering you on.
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  • Second shot DONE (April 30) and this time we didn't get any stinkin' lollipops. grumble grumble grumble :p Arm was more sore after this one but a lot better now.
  • My mom didn't feel either Moderna shot going in. I DID feel it (first shot). I wuz robbed.
  • Sounds like they stole their search algorithm from Amazon Fresh (don't get me started).
  • It wasn't me! can't speak for my husband though. (although in my case they couldn't tell there was any change :p )
  • Here's the original New England Journal of Medicine article - and yes that's what my arm looks like
  • I’m getting a late reaction to the vaccine. I had gotten the first shot (Moderna) a week before last Friday and had some swelling and soreness then, which lasted a couple of days. Then starting yesterday I felt swelling again, and now it’s warm, swollen, red and itching. I have heard that some people do have a delayed…
  • Thank you for this, my mother had no reaction to either shot and I had to reassure her that yes, the shot is working.
  • My husband and I just had shot 1. We went to one of those big sites (Dodger Stadium) where, after I missed a couple of turns, went into the parking lot, had to go through a complex maze of traffic cones over potholes (my Duckmobile is not happy) and then get into a line. 1 1/2 hours later, they took our IDs and a guy gave…
  • My husband and I are signed up for our first shots! We qualify on April 1 as the 50+ age range, and one health network was letting that group into their site even before that date to make appointments. They even had March dates available, but I'm not chancing being turned away because we didn't yet qualify. I picked April…