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  • It's virtually always temporary. I think its kind of funny to see how much my weight fluctuates during that time! My record is like 7 lbs...all temporary. I don't worry about it.
  • Is water retention really that big of a deal? It's just temporary.
  • Ugh, I am right there with you on the too much tuna. I go through 2-3 tuna pouches a week. I just really love tuna. :/ I've started eating more canned sardines, and they are REALLY good. Seriously, they are a super underrated food (albeit smelly), and are one of the best kinds of fish to each in terms of low mercury…
  • I don't think this works, especially if you go a LOT smaller. I'm a size 6, which is a common "goal" size, but I'd estimate less than a quarter of clothes I try on in my size fit well or are flattering on me. Just because you've lost weight doesn't mean that ever single thing in your new size will look good on you. It…
  • On the one hand, it does get annoying to listen to someone talk constantly about their diet and calories. My boyfriend has told me it kind of puts him off and worries him. So I eat what I want and politely turn down something if I don't want it, but keep the calorie stuff and negative self-talk to myself. On the other…
  • MAYBE she is an astronaut and is preparing for exercise in space?!?! http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/behindscenes/bungee_running.html LOL. That's all I got. I googled "treadmill + bungee cords." :)
  • I was also thinking this.
  • What's she doing? I think my answer depends on this. :) I can think of almost zero situations in which, in my opinion, it would be OK to correct a stranger unsolicited. People have injuries/different issues they have to accommodate. You just never know. For instance, I have a back condition that makes my form look "wrong"…
  • Who are these billions of people?
  • A little potential bloat is waaay better than a dry socket or infection. It's temporary. You're not going to look pretty anyway if your cheeks get swollen. You're probably on fun meds. Why does it matter?
  • For everyone arguing that "clean eating" is all about health-isn't mental, emotional, and social health important, too? I like IIFYM because it allows me to participate in the social and cultural aspects of food like a normal human person. That *kitten*'s important.
  • It's not something I'm into, but people seem to enjoy it. I'd much rather do yoga in a regular room than a hot room. Remember, you're not actually "detoxing" anything by sweating more. :) However, some people say the heat makes them more flexible, so there's that. The fact that Bikrum yoga uses the same sequence every time…
  • Honestly, those two are pretty interchangeable. I should have indicated that--I do my long run on Saturday or Sunday depending which day has better weather. And then I try to strength train the other day. If I'm sore I take a rest day after my long run.
  • This is a great thread! I aim for roughly the schedule below (which varies due to weather, my schedule, etc.). I might not dedicate as much time to strength as others do, though. Monday: 3 miles on treadmill, strength Tuesday: Yoga or rest Wednesday: 400m intervals on treadmill, strength Thursday: Outdoor run Friday: Rest…
  • Have you asked him for more specifics about what he's feeling? Pretty sure he is the only one who can answer your question.
  • Start out by going extremely easy on yourself. When I'm trying to get back in the routine, I tell myself that all I have to do is go out and run, period--no distance or time goal. If all I want to do is jog around the block and then go back to bed, that's fine. Or I tell myself that I just have to do to the gym and do…
  • I think it is really perceptive and awesome the way you view your interactions with the families you work with, FYI. You sound like a great social worker! I've lived in parts of the world where turning down food is super not OK, so I get you. :) Can you just try to build some flexibility into your day? Make sure you eat…
  • A couple of drinks in a chill bar. Maybe two hours. Seriously--no complicated activities or elaborate stuff. On a first date all I want to do is meet you, talk for a while, get to know each other a bit. If that goes well, bring on the restaurants/hikes/museums/dance lessons/kayaking/whatever on subsequent dates. Nothing is…
  • Duh, all husbands are man-children who will only eat meat and potatoes. Everyone knows this.
  • Everyone has a different preference on this--experiment and figure out what works best for you. I don't eat before morning workouts unless I'm going to be going for an hour or more. Unless, of course, I'm hungry (like it if didn't eat a big dinner the night before)--then I eat. A small banana, a scoop of peanut butter, and…
  • Mine is public. I've only missed logging one day this month (yesterday). You can laugh at the weird stuff I eat. :)
  • You seem cool. :) I like you.
  • Yep! Something I think that often goes missed in these discussions is that patriarchal society hurts both women AND men, just in different ways. When we criticize that society, we're not trying to punish or hate on men--we want men to have more choices and fewer culturally-enforced restrictions, too.
  • Eh, I also grew up without "issues," and have a hard time relating to women who have body image problems. That said, I don't think I'm better or tougher than they are because I didn't succumb to a lot of society's bull****. Different people are different, and grew up in different environments than I did--I'm not going to…
  • Lululemon also just has really poor customer service, especially for a supposed luxury brand. For instance, they purposely only make a small amount of some of their most popular products and colors, to ensure that people will pay full price for them because they are afraid they'll sell out. Some things sell out online…
  • Well, they may not be encouraged to hate their bodies, but they are definitely encouraged to view their physically appearance as playing a huge role in their self worth. Thus, when their body doesn't meet a beauty standard, they dislike that body, because they perceive it as directly linked to their value. Examples:…
  • Hahaha, it is SFW, I promise! :) But does sound pretty funny now that you mention it...hehe. If you don't want to risk it, you can read this very good investigative article on the same subject. http://harpers.org/archive/2012/08/the-pink-pyramid-scheme/
  • Um, Mary Kay is a completely shady pyramid scheme. Check out www.pinktruth.com
  • I'm glad someone else is pointing out the shadiness of MLMs and direct sales companies. I've posted multiple times on here that to me, the issue isn't whether Herbalife works or is "worth the price." The issue is that, like all MLMs, Herbalife preys financially on their distributors through misleading information about…