To eat or not to eat before workouts

I haven't been eating before my morning workouts lately, mostly because I"m just not hungry. I'm finding a lot of conflicting information about the topic. What do you guys do, and what have you found works best?


  • JoRocka
    JoRocka Posts: 17,552 Member
    do what works for you.

    I don't work out in the mornings... if I did I would adjust (very uncomfortably so) to working 'fasted"

    I work out in the PM- and I hate working fasted- I like having food about 30-45 minutes prior to my work out- something small.

    But if it works for you- go for it- it really doesn't matter.
  • rybo
    rybo Posts: 5,430 Member
    I could never eat in the mornings before working out.
    When I workout after work, I am coming off of lunch about 3-4 hrs earlier so I'm fed, but my stomach has time to settle. On the odd chance I feel hungry I will snack before a strength workout, but not a run. That just doesnt work for me.
  • Drudoo
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    It's a personal preference, one that requires experimentation. If I got over an hour in the morning, I will have something light (Gu or slice of bread with honey) to fill the void. Otherwise, it's two cups of coffee and off to work out.

    It's your choice. Neither before or after is the right way unless it's the way that you prefer.
  • ilmb87
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    I can't have anything in my stomach before a work out session. I used to have a pre-workout snack, when I was working out after work, but I always felt shaky and a little sick during my run.

    That being said, do what works for you!
  • tempehforever
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    Everyone has a different preference on this--experiment and figure out what works best for you.

    I don't eat before morning workouts unless I'm going to be going for an hour or more. Unless, of course, I'm hungry (like it if didn't eat a big dinner the night before)--then I eat. A small banana, a scoop of peanut butter, and some tea get me going.