Women... What is your idea of a great first date?



  • 1PatientBear
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    Trail riding with a fellow horse person.
    Absolute no's; sports events of any type, bars. I never go to either.

    Horse person?


    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • tempehforever
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    A couple of drinks in a chill bar. Maybe two hours. Seriously--no complicated activities or elaborate stuff.

    On a first date all I want to do is meet you, talk for a while, get to know each other a bit. If that goes well, bring on the restaurants/hikes/museums/dance lessons/kayaking/whatever on subsequent dates. Nothing is more awkward than some long, involved activity on a first date, especially if you're not really hitting it off.

    Ask me to go get a drink. Don't try to be creative.
  • Mcmilligen
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    Well, if you're artsy like me- there's nothing like going out to a cafe for coffee and sketching.

    Last time I had a date like that, we ended up back at my place cooking dinner and watching movies. And yeah. We've been together 2 yrs now :P. First dates that started out with a fancy dinner at a stuffy restaurant, or going OUT to the movies usually made things awkward. You need to be able to chat when you first meet someone, no?
  • capnrus789
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    No idea about most of the date, but it ends with the walk of shame.
  • a party, beer, and sex. if i still like you after that, youre golden
  • LifeNewandImproved
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    I like the idea of bonding over a shared activity like mini golf or bowling, something where you can talk but if there is nothing natural to say you can talk about what's going on. so dinner is out, movie is out. They have this new trend where you can go to a paint studio and paint the painting of the night and there is alcohol and you both get to take your painting home at the end of the day. Sports game works too if the girl likes sports although $$ to spend on someone you don't even know.
  • mrsjones2point0
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    I prefer to do/go to any of the following places

    Tour of a brewery
    Play pool, foosball, giant Jenga
    To a sports game (just no basketball)
    A bar
    Ice skating
    A place with go-carts and video games

    Love all these ideas.

    First date with my hubby-to-be: Golfing, but only 9 holes "just in case we hate each other", followed by drinks and food in the bar after because we were having such a great time.

    Activities are the way to go, things to do so you don't have to fill the silence of dinner at a restaurant, it's so much more fun and casual to be doing something while you get to know each other.

    A couple of other cool first dates I had: Pedicure (yes, a guy and I went for pedicures once), tour of a dam, Laser light show, arcade followed by ice cream.
  • _John_
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    I took my wife fishing...
  • mcdonalds
  • Candi_land
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    Anything that involves alcohol, nothing breaks the ice better than a little booze in the system.
  • SoDamnHungry
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    Jenson Ackles.
  • serious honest answer...

    it was coffee....i had been on many first dates...the ones that had been a meal were torturous. I was stuck being polite in a situation that was obviously not working. I was getting tired of the dating scene...and I was thinking about quitting for a while. when he asked me out, I said lets do coffee...

    i was thinking 30 minutes tops...we'd meet, something would be wrong or off of just plain awful...(like the guy who told me to call him Sir Joseph when I met him so when I asked him 'is your name Joseph and do you like SCA (society of creative anachronism) or something?" He said nope...name's chad and I just like the word Sir, and Sir Chad sounds stupid, so Im Sir Joseph...you can call me that..." .....ALL my dates were like that...

    so i'm thinking this 30 minute coffee is going to fall into the same catagory...but at least I'll escape early...

    2 hours later we're still talking and I finally remembered to check the time because I had a babysitter at home...

    He's the love of my life and that first coffee date allowed us the least amount of pressure to really relax and just meet.

    but really...the one who said Anal has it...

    that's fantastic for a first date.
  • Slacker16
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    I'm not a woman, but I would recommend:
    Taco Bell, frequent groping and a genitalia pic later that evening.

    Report back with results.
  • MinMin97
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    The first one, right after marriage.
  • _HeartsOnFire_
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    My first date with my current boyfriend...a 2 day road trip to Nashville, TN and Rock City. Totally amazing.
  • Coffee...something extremely low pressure and friendly. It probably depends on the person and how long you've known them though. If you've been friends with her for a long time, a big first date could be a good idea. If it's someone you met off line, the less pressure the better. There's always tomorrow if you guys are totally smitten :)
  • climbing_trees
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    Apple picking!

    Some fun activity where you aren't completely alone, less threatening, and there's stuff to do in case it is super awkward and can't think of conversation to fill up an entire evening. In the afternoon so you don't feel obligated to do the "want to come over for coffee" thing. Not a movie because you don't get to talk at all.

    Be creative!
  • suziepoo1984
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    Trail riding with a fellow horse person.
    Absolute no's; sports events of any type, bars. I never go to either.

    Horse person?


    I am still bursting in laughter in my office.. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • suziepoo1984
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    Depends on who you go out on a date with. I would love to go out for some ice cream or coffee...thats what me and hubby did when we first started dating.
    Also, bike rides with him in rain...:love:
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