Lady's! Weight Gain During TOM!

I thought this article was interesting and it explains why we are so hungry when we are PMSing! Hope this keeps you from feeling discouraged around that TOM!!!

"Has any of your friends ever asked you "do you gain weight during your period". If the answer to the question is "yes", do not worry. A number of women suffer from different complaints both before and during periods. The most common complaints are stomach cramps, weight gain during period, uneasiness, back and lower back pain, leg pain, etc. Weight gain during period is not a very serious issue, at the same time, it is not difficult to get rid of the weight gained.

Causes of Weight Gain During Period
We must find out what is it that causes weight gain during PMS. Once we know the causes, we may be able to take the appropriate steps to get rid of the problem.

Water Retention
Weight gain during period is often due to water retention. Water retention is also known as fluid retention. It is normally caused due to hormonal changes, which happen during this period. A number of woman may identify with water retention as bloating. It is often observed that before and during period, woman normally have problems with bowel movement. This also leads to water retention. You may want to read about symptoms and causes of water retention.

Menstrual bloating is often due to gas accumulation in the intestine. It can be due to changes taking place in the body and also due to inactivity before and during the menstrual cycle. Bloating can also cause severe menstrual cramps.

Overeating and Food Cravings
Weight gain during menstrual cycle can also be due to overeating. Women tend to overeat during periods, due rise in the metabolism levels. Usually, women consume about 100 to 200 calories more than what they regularly consume. Most women notice, that they have food cravings before and during period. These cravings do not last for a long duration and go away on their own. Binge eating is due to food cravings.

Treating Weight Gain During Period
It is not very difficult to treat weight gain during period. A small change to the diet can help in alleviating water retention problem. You may want to reduce your sodium intake during this time, to fight this problem. Less sodium reduces chances of water retention. If bloating and water retention is pronounced, you may want to try a diuretic. It is not recommended, but if bloating is causing you a lot of discomfort, you may try a diuretic. Calcium plays an important role in preventing and curing water retention problem. Make sure your calcium intake is sufficient. Women, who follow vegan diet, should especially take care about their calcium intake as, studies have shown that they lack calcium often.

It is very often observed, that women avoid exercises prior to their menstrual cycle. At the same time, they are also very inactive during this period, which often times leads to weight gain.

Although, you might have food cravings, it is important, you make sure you are eating healthy and sumptuous meals. Avoid foods which are high in refined sugar. Your diet should be rich in complex carbohydrates, lean protein and fiber. Healthy small meals at regular intervals and in adequate quantities also help in managing food cravings during this time. Your meals should be the kinds which will get digested fast. Limit your caffeine intake and keep yourself well hydrated. You can have fruit and vegetable juices or coconut water to keep yourself well hydrated.

The average weight gain during period is any where between 1 to 4 pounds. However, in some woman, there will not be noticeable weight gain during period. The only important thing to remember about this weight gain during period is that you should not get disturbed. Understand that it is normal and will go away once you are done with your menstrual cycle."


  • NicolCook
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    Thanks for sharing. Those are all good things for keeping weight in perspective during that dreaded TOM :)
  • hobnobler
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    thankyou for posting this, I always gain weight mostly due to craving comfort food, It only lasts about 3 or 4 days though so not too bad
  • thank u, very helpful
  • silvergurl518
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    yep yep! thank you for this! makes me feel better cuz i'm bloated like a hot air balloon crammed with even more water balloons filled to the point of bursting. yep. thanks, aunt flow. thanks for making the scale go up too, you sk8nk.
  • yep yep! thank you for this! makes me feel better cuz i'm bloated like a hot air balloon crammed with even more water balloons filled to the point of bursting. yep. thanks, aunt flow. thanks for making the scale go up too, you sk8nk.

  • lisa28115
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    Glad I found this thread. I should know this, but this helps to make me feel better about my lack of losses this week. I haven't gained, but I havent really lost.

    I have Mirena and still get light TOM's each month, but I guess I still have all that comes with a normal TOM.
  • Thanks for this! I just started mine and this week I have had cravings like crazy! I thought I was losing my mind and am disappointed that I gave in. Next time I will know the cause and will be able to avoid the overeating.
  • srima12
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    when tom happened this month, i started gaining weight and had food craving more than ever. thank god, and thank you, your article saved my day..
  • kristen49233
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    Thanks for posting this!!

    I went 4-months without TOM--I think it was due to an injury and meds I was on but was chalking it up to maybe being pre-menopausal. At the end of last week I couldn't figure out why I was so exhausted and energy-less. Then Sunday evening.....BAM!! There it was!! Yesterday--cravings like crazy. I went over my daily caloric goal by a few 100 calories, but I didn't beat myself up over it. I think my body / hormones was making up for going without for so long.

    And I know not to weigh myself during TOM. I battle with the scales enough as it is and for me, it's best to avoid the mental game during TOM.
  • spottedkathy
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    I ALWAYS crave so much more food than I normally do the week before my cycle. Once it starts I am good, but the week before not so much. I go way overboard. :(
  • HermioneDanger118
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    Thanks! I struggled with the cravings this weekend and today stepped on the scale and was +4 lbs. TOM came an hour ago. :grumble:
  • I know this article was posted over 2 years ago, but I so needed to read it this morning! I've struggled this past week with cravings, bloating, and 3 miserable pounds of weight gain! Was feeling sad and blue this morning b/c my walking hasn't helped the situation :sad: ! After reading this, though, I'm feeling much better and know that the pounds will come off!!! :bigsmile:
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    lol! Sometimes being a women really sucks! LOL! I normally do not get Food cravings, but I do suffer from water retention and bloating, but this month I got REAL bad food cravings, and I know they were do to that time of the month because I went to the movies with my roommate and I got Popcorn with butter! I HATE popcorn. I never eat it, and even my roommate was like, "Whats wrong with you? I thought you hated popcorn." and I was like, "I do, but I REALLY want some right now. I have lost all self control."

    I felt so crappy after because movie theatre popcorn is like LOADED with calories and fat. Then I went home ate a bunch of food, then ate some chips, and then ate a granola bar. I just could not stop eating yesterday and usually I have a very strong sense of self control. I feel good today though, which is nice. I might of utterly failed yesterday but I climbed back on the wagon today. LOL!

    I seriously hate this time of the month.
  • I'm so glad I found this. I hate TOM because I end up having this huge appetite & avoid exercise then get discouraged when the scale goes up a few lbs or just remains the same. It's hard to see the scale go up and still stay motivated... I really rely on that every week. Thankfully I have been really good the past few months during TOM- I don't workout as much that week, but I don't eat junk. I do eat more calories, but nothing too unhealthy like I used to. I used to crave brownies and Chinese food (SO BAD).

    I actually have this crazy craving for dairy- chocolate milk/milk & cheese like CRAZY every TOM since I've started my weight loss (about 5 months) Does anyone else experience this? I'm not a big dairy eater in general so I find it odd.
  • Wow! I'm so glad I read this! Thank you! It answered SOOOO many questions.
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    Just get off the scale when you're premenstrual and don't get back on till after your period is over, and wear stretchy pants, and you'll never know the difference.

  • melsy21
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    Just get off the scale when you're premenstrual and don't get back on till after your period is over, and wear stretchy pants, and you'll never know the difference.


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    It's virtually always temporary. I think its kind of funny to see how much my weight fluctuates during that time! My record is like 7 lbs...all temporary. I don't worry about it.
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    :ohwell: Oooh.... ok.... thanks for this old post. :bigsmile: