How do you start an exercise habit?



  • ParkerH47
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    Wow! You guys are awesome! Thank-you all so much for your helpful tips:)

    I'm going to put a lot of them into motion.

    Thanks again
  • chayleah
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    Check Groupon for cheap options on group workouts. A lot of gyms/bootcamps will run special deals on classes or month long memberships. This has the added benefit of letting you try different types of exercise and different gym environments without making a commitment.
  • tempehforever
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    Start out by going extremely easy on yourself. When I'm trying to get back in the routine, I tell myself that all I have to do is go out and run, period--no distance or time goal. If all I want to do is jog around the block and then go back to bed, that's fine. Or I tell myself that I just have to do to the gym and do SOMETHING. Even if that thing is 15 minutes of strength training only.

    Usually, I end up doing much more than that--once I've started, I'm fine, and don't want to stop. Once I've started getting better about exercising a few times a week on a regular basis, then I start setting goals on focused on pushing myself through increasingly difficult workouts--but again, that's only once the habit has formed.
  • cfredz
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    Create a workout calendar, stick to it, check off everyday you complete your workout. I hate it when i dont get to check off one of my days