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  • Doesn't it make you glad not to have to be an actress or a model? I'm sure as hell glad that my career doesn't depend on perfecting my appearance. :) Thank god, haha.
  • Haha, the fact that most of the girls at my gym wear Lululemon is exactly why I DON'T like to wear it. I like to be different. :)
  • Eh, there are plenty of other brands that are much cheaper than Lululemon that are just as good. The traditional sports brands--Nike, Adidas, etc--make nice stuff that is much more affordable. Athleta is nice too, and also cheaper. I'd try Northface--I have a pair of wunder unders and they aren't any warmer than any other…
  • Hello. I'm the same height as you and also in my 20s if you'd like a friend. Looking at your ticker--are you trying to get down to 100 lbs? I think that would be well into the "underweight" category for women of our height. There is a lot of great information on MFP about strength training; that may get you more of the…
  • Excuse. And this is coming from someone who used to get cramps so bad I'd literally pass out from the pain. Exercise helps improve mood issues and a lot of the physical side effects of menstruation. If you're feeling down or uncomfortable exercise is probably actually what will help alleviate that--not the other way around.
  • I have the same issue with noisy eaters. My coworker chomps on carrots and chips with her mouth open and I want to kill things. My other pet peeves are: People who are super germaphobic People who are extreme picky eaters Phobias: I've developed a strange fear of heights as an adult that seems to get worse every year. I…
  • Oh man Lauren Fleshman has been my running girl crush for years. Her blog and insights about being a pro runner are great.
  • Log. I think getting in this habit--and allowing yourself to be OK with the fact that you'll have quite a few major binge days over the course of your lifetime--is what makes this sustainable in the long run. Honestly, doing so has made me realize that going way over calories once in a while doesn't have a huge effect in…
  • Mostly I just love the happy trail. There is nothing hotter. ;) Everything else I don't really feel strongly about either way. A small amount of chest hair is nice, I guess.
  • Absolutely, hands-down, 30 degrees. By far. In my opinion, optimal running weather is like 45 degrees. And down to 30 is still pretty great. I love the cold; I find it energizing. (Although, it was below zero windchill this morning and I did not love that. Resorted to the treadmill.) Runners who like the heat--do you live…
  • NOM cookie dough. I bought my first package of Oreos in years recently because I was fascinated by the "birthday cake" flavor. And also I was drunk. It was very worth it. :)
  • Thank god. I just moved and need to join a gym in my new 'hood, but I'm waiting for the January rush to clear out. Because I want people to think I am cool?
  • Agree with those who say exercise helps--when I'm working out regularly, I somehow become more aware of my body and its needs. Eating better just starts to happen automatically. Personally, I found that its better for me to not buy things that are pre-made and easy to eat a lot of. Even "healthy" foods like hummus,…
  • Please don't support companies that prey financially on participants via multi-level marketing schemes. Even if somehow Herbalife magically did work, it is not a very ethical use of your money.
  • I second the second opinion suggestion. See your OB/GYN to make sure it's not a symptom of something else. Even if it turns out that you do just have difficult periods, there are still things that can be done. I also used to have horrible cramps and heavy periods, and going on the right birth control pill and then…
  • Eh, I think there is a difference between saying "personally, I am only attracted to women with long hair, I think it looks better" and saying "women should be able to AT LEAST get a pony tail in or it's too short." The latter implies that ALL women SHOULD look the way he wants--which goes beyond stating his personal…
  • Can't we just say "out of shape" like we used to before this cutesy term was invented? I'm not sure what it means to "eat like a fat person."
  • lol wut.
  • I don't actually care for J Law's cut either (it looks a little old/dated for someone her age), but I do love pixie cuts on many people (myself included). Ginnifer Goodwin and Michelle Williams, for instance, look awesome with short hair, in my opinion.
  • Just do it. I spent years fretting about how I'd look if I chopped my hair off into a pixie cut. I prepared myself for the worst before I finally did it. I was like, "well, if I look terrible it will be a good exercise in forcing myself to be less vain/learning to not measure my self-esteem by whether or not men are…
  • Bleh, skinny fat is the most obnoxious term to hit the fitness world--makes me cringe. When did it become an official thing?
  • That sounds depressing. Pretty sure its possible to achieve the above things without hating yourself. I'm happy with myself, and because I think I'm a pretty worthwhile human, I have the confidence to pursue the things I care about--"personally, professionally, physically, financially." ;)
  • Cheetos--Yes, you can eat two packs of Cheetos a month! Or more. Just work them into your calories. Man, I am hungry for Cheetos now. Pizza--I mean, I eat pizza multiple times a week, and am losing weight--so...your plan is probably fine. :) Eggs--You can poach them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66btvAWmp7g However, that…
  • Yes, this is totally accurate, because obviously women HATE sex and will never have it without some sort of incentive. Yep. (In all seriousness, man, I feel bad for you if this is apparently the only type of woman you've ever encountered. That must truly suck?)
  • Not to be an internet jerk, but I find it a little creepy, too. Not so much about having a monetary incentive to lose weight, but more so the idea of a spouse "paying" the other--as if the money is all his? Shouldn't it be, like, shared? Or if you both keep your finances separate, shouldn't you have your own money in the…
  • If I'm short on calories for the day, I just use balsamic vinegar. A little goes a long way, too! Otherwise, I mix together a vinegar, olive oil, and mustard. I eat many processed foods and think they're fine, but homemade salad dressing is so freaking easy that I haven't bought the regular kind in years.
  • OK, I'll acknowledge that eventually technology could catch up and increase meat production to meet growing demands. Is that what you're looking for?
  • Well, if everyone on Earth ate the amount of meat we do in the industrialized West, there wouldn't be enough resources to support that level of meat production. It takes FAR more resources to produce animals than it does plants. So, if meat consumption continues to grow as the developing world industrializes, sure, we…
  • I love how Special K is all like, gee, isn't it SAD that women hate their bodies? Hmm, wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that companies LIKE SPECIAL K have been telling us for years we're supposed to want to lose weight? Remember the whole "lose 14 lbs in 1 month" by replacing 2 out of 3 meals with a rice…
  • I just wanted to reply to say that I am exactly your age, height, and weight (to the pound, haha)--and I have the same problem. A man once offered his seat to me on the metro because he thought I was pregnant. No joke. I have a disproportionally short torso and that is where I carry all my "weight" (not that I have much of…