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  • I may be weird but I love good fat, especially when it is well seasoned and cooked/fried/crusty. It seems decadently delicious after being brain washed to avoid it so long. I once read a biography of a prisoner of war who said he dreamt of eating the fat like he had a child, on a big Sunday dinner pork roast?
  • Great progress and very inspirational to me. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your story ! Thank you for sharing <3
  • This is a great place to get help and support. Welcome!
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  • This is awesome <3 ...... ( uh, except for more reasons to spend time in front of the computer not getting other things done :* .
  • Once again, just what I needed from all of you to keep going <3
  • OMG I just got off the keto recipes in pinterest and all I can think of is eating. I want everything I looked at. :p
  • If steak is to lean, or you don't like meat rare, learn how to cook a beef or pork roast. It' s easy, and they are the fatty cuts. There will be lots of broth created also which is good to drink, or make gravy or soup with. :)
  • Sorry I meant to say low fat cc . Obviously the butter is just ^ fat ratio. Its hard to beat meat and eggs for protein.
  • cinnamon butter yum = blend soft butter, cinnamon, fav sweetener to taste or use full fat cream cheese in place of butter.
  • What happens to people with large or small brains? Faster or slower thinking, movement, breathing? All of those things require brain function, (synaptic transmission). :* That may account for quite a variation in glucose requirements.
  • Trying these tonight! Thanks I am so excited. I copied this, lost it and finally remembered where I had seen it! :p
  • I like the idea of nut oil, if it eliminates the carbs. Is it expensive? For me, fat bombs have evolved into candy substitutes, especially with chocolate added. Lures me to the dark side :p (no pun intended!) I will try your spicy broccoli for lunch today :) Thanks for your strategies.
  • Lucky you! I love liver fried in bacon grease. Lightly salted, yum.
  • You are all so awesome! I believe this is a significant problem that many people don't recognize or know how to deal with in their relationships. Your posts are wonderful examples of coping with this dysfunction and protecting oneself effectively. <3
  • GREAT experiment! I know I am not ready for this level of commitment yet, but very interested in learning from all of your experiences. <3
  • perhaps it is time to discuss the difference between physical and emotional hunger. Emotional Hunger I can tell you from personal experience, is MUCH more powerful than actual hunger. What triggers it, how long it lasts and the reason some of us are prone to it is an important area of self evaluation. It can be painful but…
  • Wow, wow, wow and wow! It can be done! <3 That is so inspiring to me! Thanks for sharing you photos.
  • Thanks for the tip! This book looks good.
  • DITTO to ditto man! very helpful :)
  • I am 67, female and 5'1". I dieted last year counting calories and forcing myself to be more active than I felt like. Right now with the colder weather I am rather sedentary, but will soon be much more active outside. I am about 15- 20 lbs to goal weight. Plan: I think if I can get into the ketosis mojo and lose it fast,…
  • Kuranda, Thanks for your answer. Sten Sture Skaldeman is "Swedish" maybe? His book - Lose Weight by Eating was recently translated into English. This LCHF is all rather new to me and it seems there is a lot of information floating around the internet. Sten claims to be simplistic and down homey in his method of finding the…
  • I looked at this site and it was interesting but not sure I understand it. I'm not the nerdy smart data type brainy person. :'( Is this basically the same ratio used by Sten Skaldeman? And how does it relate to ketosis testing with the urine sticks. OK, I probably seem really dumb but I was tired when I looked at it. Is…
  • Hey KnitorMiss- Thanks so much for the information. I just happen to have a big cauliflower in my fridge needing to be used. Great ideas there. Your an o:)
  • I have had the same experience. Recently I was up late, (husband had gone to bed) and I remembered there was still some ice cream in the freezer. I bought it for him a few weeks ago and had never eaten any. Because I had done so well that day I thought I would cheat and have a half cup. ( Bad idea of course). So I dished…
  • FYI- for anyone interested in learning how to deal with narcissism and other types of crazy there is a wonderful book written by Margalis Fjelstad. The title is rather long- Stop Caretaking the Borderline or Narcissist: How to end the drama and ......... (can't remember the rest). Extremely helpful advice to anyone…
  • I just noticed this thread and wonder if you can clarify my recent blood work results. Everything was ok except for DHDL ......that was 104 / status high. The note states that 40 to >/= 60 normal. Huh? OK, I did not fast before this lab work but the clinician said it would not matter. :|
  • You are all magnificient with your courage and honesty in this thread. Emotional abuse is rampant and passed down through generations until the lucky ones figure it out, and stand up to it. Everyone thinks they are alone in their pain. (*) (*) (*)
  • Alright FIT goat, I hope you're happy....... I just spit up my BPC all over myself :s
  • Great answer, I am hoping that some visible progress on my end will also make a differnce. In laws and Out laws ;) can really screw things up. You are to be commended for trying to do the best for your family in spite of the underminers. Stick to your guns and eventually it will be appreciated.