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  • Maybe "addicted" is too strong a word, but I do play every day. My wife is competitive with me and is pleased when she gets the answers in fewer guesses than I do. I also play Nerdle, Quordle, and Octordle, although that last one beats me 50% of the time. @risinghope curse you for pointing out Wordle 2, AKA WordHurdle now,…
  • Following. I just started having some palpitations (PVCs) and tachycardia a few months ago. I've had a fairly thorough workup now, including EKGs, an echo, holter monitor, and exercise stress test. Apparently there's nothing seriously wrong, but the symptoms are distressing. I'm generally healthy otherwise. My doctor put…
  • This is definitely a real thing. I documented it over two long time periods (several months). I weighed daily in both. In the first period I stepped on the scale once and recorded whatever weight was recorded. In the second period I stepped on the scale once, let it read, stepped off and waited for it to reset, then…
  • National Eating Disorders Helpline CALL (800) 931-2237 TEXT (800) 931-2237 CHAT
  • Yes, I am a handsome Japanese gentleman in a Captain's uniform
  • @Goodgollygee didn't expect to see that in this thread! You'll have to be prepared for many tempo changes! Young man says you are what you eat, well Old man says you are what you wear, well well Know what you are you don't give a damn
  • Not like I could do this, but... https://youtu.be/_yExwkQYcp0
  • You know, I'm a very easygoing guy, even to a fault. But if I found out that a school staff member had done the following: - Posted a photo of one of my children on an internet discussion forum - Without my permission - Even with said child's face excluded - With the express purpose of shaming me for how I feed my child I…
  • Black coffee and a banana, like every week day.
  • Sauce: https://news.sky.com/story/people-can-be-fat-but-fit-and-should-focus-on-exercise-rather-than-dieting-for-a-longer-life-experts-say-12412836
  • Acknowledging this is an old topic. I find leashes distasteful normally, but we did leash our oldest (who is now 23!) once when he was a toddler. We got invited to an oceanside picnic that was very close to some cliffs, and our son was very active and could easily outrun us over a short distance. We weren't going to hold…
  • What kind of beer are we talking here?
  • I love me my craft beers, but mostly have them from my local bottle shop, one per night. I just make room in my budget for those. On the rarer occasions I go out - those are usually either maintenance days, or not-even-going-to-try-to-track days. :neutral: I go with Mrs Jruzer, who keeps me in check.
  • https://youtu.be/uKTi5MmkBn0
  • This is exactly the opposite of "establish[ing] new habits".
  • I saw someone get up on a company-wide call and attend to something across the room - wearing a pair of boxers. Oops!
  • https://youtu.be/VkKxmnrRVHo
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  • https://youtu.be/q9_ZUuJuxuw
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g3--WYH8SY
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  • Whenever Mrs Jruzer asks for ideas, I always suggest fresh fruit.
  • Works for me too - I don't even usually measure it any more. I just eyeball; I know about how much pasta to eat. Same with rice. NB: I didn't always know. Its taken 10 years of losing and maintaining to get here.
  • 100 g of uncooked pasta is more like 350 kcal. I think the entry you're using is for cooked pasta.
  • I usually have a banana during the week.
  • @concordancia, @wunderkindking,I don't disagree that calorie counting will work for everyone. There's no one dietary approach that will work for everyone. A keto diet could be bad news for a cardiac patient, and a high carb diet could be bad for a diabetic. That doesn't mean that these are bad strategies in general. There…
  • Any of the various pernicious myths surrounding calorie counting: - It's disordered - It's unsustainable in the long run - It's too difficult - It doesn't work These make me irrationally angry. Calorie counting was key to my success.
  • I always pack easy lunches. I'll pack some leftovers, or a Cliff bar, or a turkey sandwich, or something along those lines. I almost always throw in a piece of fruit and a Greek yogurt. If you don't want to use the communal fridge, you could throw a freezer pack into your lunch bag. I've got a lunch bag with a built-in…
  • Obligatory not a doctor. My experience is that natural heart rate can vary more than is commonly believed. Some years ago I was in the hospital for an unrelated issue, but the doctors were very concerned that my heart rate was high. They ran some tests, and scheduled a further followup for some cardiac imaging and stress…