Breakfast Options without eggs

Looking for healthy gluten, dairy free breakfast ideas that don’t include eggs?


  • springlering62
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    Chopped anything in a gluten free tortilla. I like to brush mine with peanut or bbq sauce and roll it with chopped grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes. I always grill a couple extra breasts or some steaks Sunday night to have throughout the week.
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    @ springerling62 Sometimes I forget that I can have any food to break my fast-not just traditional breakfst foods! That sounds like a good idea for easy prep during the week, too.

    How about gluten free oatmeal with a variety of toppings? It is hard to beat for ease and satiety. Nuts, seeds, berries, avocado, peanut butter, and meats are all options that make for a very satisfying breakfast. I like mine savory with butter and bacon, or sweet with berries and nuts with a few raisins or dried plums for added sweetness (I still add butter and salt to the sweet one. I think it is better.). I also add chia and ground flaxseed to both to increase protein and Omega 3. You can make it and serve it soft in a bowl or bake it and cut into easy-to-pick up squares to grab-n-go.
  • SFFirebird
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    sweet potato hash browns? overnight oats with nut butter..
  • concordancia
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    Chia pudding made with almond milk and topped with fruit.

    Gluten free toast (or an apple) and PB

    And apple and (GF) oatmeal bake

    Sausage and fruit

    breakfast tacos with beans and veg


    You may be able to find an egg free paleo pancake mix, or at least a recipe

    Honestly, eating it in the morning is what makes it breakfast. Have your GF, dairy free pizza with your morning coffee, if that is something you like.
  • Velvetpixels
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    Avocado on gluten free toast? I like to slice a tomato 🍅 for it as well and drizzle a little olive oil onto it.
  • springlering62
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    I’ve got a photo saved I keep meaning to try. It’s simple tomato slices, broiled with cheese (you could use a vegan cheese), a little pepperoni or ham, and basil. It looks so good but I keep forgetting to buy big tomatoes. I go through buckets of cherry tomatoes. (Sooooo glad to be over GERD!!!)
  • Jruzer
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    I usually have a banana during the week.