Weight loss myths

Hey! Would anyone like to share the biggest weight loss myths out there? I have one. I just learned that there is no such thing as a negative calorie food. Painfully obvious right now but I believed it for way too long 🤦‍♀️


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    Sometimes nutrition labels will list a food as 0 calories per serving, but truthfully, food companies are allowed to round down to 0 calories if the food item is actually something like 0.4 calories. Multiple servings can in fact accumulate calories- though the amount is negligible, this could be an issue for people who are trying to do a fast.
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    Jruzer wrote: »
    Any of the various pernicious myths surrounding calorie counting:
    - It's disordered
    - It's unsustainable in the long run
    - It's too difficult
    - It doesn't work

    These make me irrationally angry. Calorie counting was key to my success.

    It's been the key to my success too, and the last is a myth.

    The other 3? It can be all of those things and is variable by individual.

    (I have family with serious EDs. It would be difficult, damaging and unsustainable for them.)

    Yeah, I get a bit manic and obsessive when I use calorie counting. I still haven't found the key to long term success for me, but lower carb eating keeps me away from binges longer than all things in moderation. Instead, I do "some things on a very rare basis, preferably paired with a good workout." Which probably sounds disordered to some people, but I am diabetic, so moving my body well on a higher carb day is important to my health.