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Fitness and diet myths that just won't go away

ninerbuff Posts: 48,169 Member
There is a lot of misinformation passed on decade by decade in the Fitness and diet industry. Hoping we can just squash some of them out of existence, but that's gonna take a lot of time based on how it's used to promote sales income.

I'll start though:

Drink a gallon of water a day: Does it help with weight loss? Well yes and no. It will help drop "water" weight more. But that's not the weight people really want to lose. It CAN help with weight loss if it keeps you from overeating by staying more full with water. But drinking a gallon of water will also have you going to the bathroom more and possibly increasing sweating.
Does it hurt to do it? Not really (unless your electrolytes aren't being replenished). But the myth of it being essential to do to lose weight is very overhyped and is a staple amongst many gym rats for some reason.

Throw in your myth and let's discuss

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