Scales without memory function

I have scales that seem to have this memory function where if your weight is similar it ignores the new weight and just reports the old one. So I end up reporting the same weight for 7 days in a row and then a sudden drop once my weight falls below the 'tolerance' in the memory function.

It appears this memory function is common.

Anyone know of cheap scales without it!?


  • yirara
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    Is it really exactly the same weight? How fresh is the battery and how even the floor it stands on? Carpet? Those memory functions really should just last for a few minutes at most.
  • lauriebroberts
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    Batteries are brand new, it is on a hard and level wood floor. And yes. In kgs, it is exactly the same weight for a week and then plummets down a 1kg (if that's how much I have lost) and then stays at that new weight until I lose another 1kg

    Salter scales

    Looked online and it seems to be a common "feature" of nearly all scales. I know I can just hold a heavy weight to reset it first. But quite annoying
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    I have a Taylor digital ($25) scale. If I step on and off it twice before I let it settle on a weight, it doesn't do that. If I just step on it and let it settle I get yesterday's weight.

    I thought that was a feature, not a bug. I like to see what yesterday's was in comparison. :)
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    My Health-O-Meter from the Cheap-O Depot doesn't do this.
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    Lietchi wrote: »
    Don't buy new scales. Just trick the ones you have 😁 pick up something heavy (bottle of water for example) and stand on the scale with it, and then stand on it again without it for your actual weigh-in. Worked for me!

    Soooooo soooooo many scales have fake consistency that I've given up on finding the magical scales that don't.

    If scales have a calibration function you can trigger it MAY trick the scale into actually telling you the values it measured. Battery pull also tends to ensure a fresh look!

    Heavy object *pretending to be one person and then no heavy object to be another* works for most cheap scales but I can see a potential issue with scales that are good at remembering multiple people. Then you would have to move to random weights! :anguished:

    It is painful!

    I am using (at two locations) a couple of relatively cheap etekcity scales Amazon ASIN:‎ B07FN8PD3Q. They have consecutive reading fake consistency, but not between days. I do tend to re-calibrate them daily before taking a reading (step on it once and release so it calibrates). Battery pull is quick and fixes any persistent recalcitrance! :wink:
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    I've never used any bathroom scales with a false consistency function. Maybe more common in some places than others????

    My current ones are from John Lewis and about £20 and when tested against a calibrated scale were accurate. May not be any use to you if you are in a different country of course.

    Think I'd go for just making your existing ones reset as the cheapest option of all. Hold something, one foot on scales (assuming you have two), lean on something, alternate with someone else - loads of options to make it see a new weight.
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    This is definitely a real thing. I documented it over two long time periods (several months). I weighed daily in both. In the first period I stepped on the scale once and recorded whatever weight was recorded. In the second period I stepped on the scale once, let it read, stepped off and waited for it to reset, then stepped on it again and read the second weight.

    I calculated the change in daily weight each day, and then analyzed the frequency of each daily weight change by taking a histogram. You can see the results below. In the "standard" period, 0 change in weight was reported 15% of the time; much larger than would be expected if this were a genuine measurement, and much more frequently than +/- 0.2 pounds were reported. By contrast, the "reset daily" distribution, although noisier, does not have this anomalous spike at 0 change:

    I otherwise like this scale and continue to use it. But every morning I weigh myself holding my coffee cup first, wait for the scale to reset while I relieve myself, and weigh again for reals.