Zoom Call Observations/Embarrassments

MadMaxMFP01 Posts: 292 Member
What things have you noticed in the background on zoom calls? What embarrassing things have happened?


  • chuckle_bunny
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    I'm embarrassed to admit I took screenshots of our legal assistant Kelsey when she wore a zebra print tank top on a Zoom call this past summer. 😧
  • SabAteNine
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    I had a whole year of daily endless strings of Zoom for both work as well as teaching, since we moved all senior and masters classes fully online. Classes are in the afternoon. I had to train myself to close the camera when getting up to turn the lights on because boxers and shorts > anything else.

    My glasses are also quite reflective as it turns out, and if you look carefully you can see things like the beer can next to the laptop when I'm spotlighted (of course, beer goes in the coffee cup - duh). Or the fact that I do not really give a flying one and look at something else. For long and boring zoom days, I have learned my lesson and wear contacts. :smile:
  • snowflake954
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    Funny. We were invited to a graduation party (med school) Saturday night. One of the guys there has been smart working since COVID started in Italy. He refuses to return to the office. He wears sweats when doing Zoom with his office so he showed us the image he puts up on his computer---Brad Pitt in a tux. It's a stitch. This guy is so far from Brad that it's hilarious.
  • BraydanTaffy
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    Nothing too embarrassing.

    I did a Webex interview wearing a proper button-down shirt & suit jacket. When I needed to reach too far away for my calendar to check availability for a follow-up, I briefly, half-stood up & caught a flash of my pink running shorts in the camera. It feels necessary to dress that way, since I have to turn off the a/c so the noise isn't distracting. I know she saw it, cuz out of the corner of my eye, I saw her eyes widen, but I just pretended it didn't happen & carried on.

    I can't be the only one that happened to... I've heard others say they wear a nice top for web meetings with PJ bottoms. Now I wear long, black, yoga pants for a web interview, just in case I need to get up or my camera tilts & my legs can be seen & pull everything closer to me, so I'm better prepared.
  • Jruzer
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    I saw someone get up on a company-wide call and attend to something across the room - wearing a pair of boxers. Oops!

  • BraydanTaffy
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    This thread reminds me that I've heard more that's a tad shocking or embarrassing, rather than seeing anything. I'm looking for work, so all of my experience via Webex is for interviews. Perhaps that's why I'm so careful, as well, since if I make a visual mistake too unforgiveable, I won't get hired.

    In my experience, unmuted mics have made me blush a few times.

    I've heard far too many out of control, barking dogs... screaming children... but moreover, I've had several interviewers excuse themselves for a moment, forget to mute, then begin screaming rather harsh language, complete with NSFW words, either at kids or dogs.

    That's why I like wearing a suit jacket for any web appearance... it reminds me to remain in biz mode.