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  • Sometimes MFP doesn’t like to play nice. Try closing both apps and reopening the Apple one first to force a sync, then MFP to do the same. If that doesn’t work, give it a few hours to a day. It almost always comes back. Frustrating in the meantime, to be sure.
  • Honestly, to simplify things, for a while I removed my tracker link and got a good old fashioned chest strap HRM for my dedicated workouts. Then I set my goals on MFP to my normal activity level and just manually added my HRM burn. It worked incredibly well and saved me the headache of mental calculations. Now I’m too lazy…
  • I’ve been using this site a loooong time. I fell off for a bit during a stressful year, but I’m back, and I’ve seen it all. Some advice: move dinner up. I’m up at 6, walk for an hour before I have to get my daughter up for school, then it’s coffee at 9, lunch between 12-1, a small snack (usually a Quest bar) at 3, and…
  • This. And if I'm reading right, you're running twice a day? Don't do that, or you'll wind up injuring yourself from over-training after three months of inactivity. (Tendinitis is a beast to get rid of, trust me.) The best thing you can do is be PATIENT. Try a C25K app to build up properly. Run only every other day. On the…
  • I medicated my depression with food as well. For me, the key was to keep busy. And I don't mean read a book - I mean to completely leave my house for the hours I was most likely to binge. I won't eat at someone else's home without them offering, so I asked my friends not to offer me snacks and hung out with them. A lot. Or…
  • I lived in Colorado Springs for five years, but as you can probably guess, that means I'm Army and have since moved (twice!) It's lovely up there though - definitely a great place to get in shape. Welcome to mfp!
  • I can certainly do the tough love thing, though I don't really check diaries. If you don't mind a geek who runs, I could use someone who's willing to kick my butt back when I get lazy. I've been here ages and fell off the wagon for a year. I need to get serious again. :/
  • I'm an old timer around here. You're welcome to add me if you like. :) I'm an avid Fitbit user and believer in eating occasional sweets.
  • I'm not much of a commenter unless I have something useful to say, but you're welcome to add me. :)
  • XD It probably is too telling that this didn't take me long at all to make.
  • I'm cold all the time. *grumble*
  • Go for a walk. It sounds crazy, but it will show you whether you're hungry or just munchy. If you've been cutting sugar, you're going to crave it for a week or two, and it FEELS like hunger. Walking will take your mind off of it if it's a craving, and if you're legitly hungry you can earn some calories to eat something.…
  • I weigh daily typically to track trends, but I'm thinking that this time around I'll be going back to weighing weekly like I did when I first started. Weighing daily can be a little disheartening and makes it feel like it's been SO much longer since I last lost anything. And yeah, a lot of that is probably poop. (Sorry,…
  • Daredevil fanfic? THAT I would be interested in reading.
  • Take a deep breath, it's not nearly so bad as it seems. :) Start with a small change. Like, "I'm going to just log EVERYTHING for a week." Don't even worry about the calories unless you feel like you're ready - just log, and see what you're doing right now and find places you can stand to make some changes. For me, I…
  • You have tacos in your fridge?! I'm going to need to confiscate those... For your own good...
  • ::waves:: Natural red here too. Only one in three generations in my family - everyone else is blond. (But my brother grows a red beard.)
  • No, seriously. Anyone can add me. MMO gaming, tabetop gaming, Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Wars... I'm 30, 5'4", 130-ish (it wiggles up and down a bit.) I run. I eat sweets and pizza. I'm an Army wife getting ready to move AGAIN, and I'm a mom.
  • I'm more of an MMO player these days - and a tabetop gamer - but I'm also a huge sci-fi/fantasy book/movie geek, so I feel nice and balanced. :P You're welcome to add me. I run... so I can sit on my behind the rest of the day without feeling guilty. I also do weights a few times a week at the gym, and my fitbit is my best…
  • Feel free to add me, if you don't mind a HUGE geek and a runner. I know all about stress eating - I lost both parents in a single year - one to cancer, one to suicide - and I've learned a few tricks. If you're up for some advice and a little tough love, I'm always up for more friends. (But seriously. I'm a huge geek. If…
  • I started on 250mcg. I wasn't all the heavy - my highest weight was 157 on my 5'4" frame, to my knowledge - and my doctor frequently said that he'd never seen someone my size need such a large dose. I'm down to 129 right now, and my dose is down to 100mcg. My doctor thinks it's the exercise and healthy diet that helped…
  • I do both, tbh. I'm not with the newest version of either at the moment, but I'll be upgrading the 360 soon, and maybe the ps3 next year.
  • I'm not big. I'm short, and I don't have much left to lose. But I'm a ginger, and we all know redheads are typically angry. ;) You sound like someone I'd honestly enjoy having on my feed, just because of your honesty and the determination I see here. If you're ok with me being mostly just a geek who's learning to run, feel…
  • They have relatively short terms, and you can put yourself on the waiting list.
  • What kind of gamer? I'm an mmo or rpg player mostly, myself - both pc and console - and I enjoy a large number of tabletop games. (Though not role playing tabletop games, oddly enough. You'd think I would.) Feel free to shoot me an invite!
  • There is also a Hogwarts challenge, run by a friend of mine. I hear great things about it, though I've never joined.