Colorado - New to town

Semi-new to town. Looking for some new friends to go hiking with or play tennis.


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    Not in your area, but welcome to MFP. You've picked a great place to live, where you can find loads of healthy activities. :)
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    Welcome to MFP :)

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    Thank you!
  • PBWaffleCakes
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    From Colorado but now in Missouri! Enjoy the wonderful active lifestyle offered there!
  • DoctahJenn
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    I lived in Colorado Springs for five years, but as you can probably guess, that means I'm Army and have since moved (twice!) It's lovely up there though - definitely a great place to get in shape. Welcome to mfp!
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    I grew up in Colorado so I can tell you some great places to go. I have moved to Washington but would be more than happy to share some great places with you. Feel free to add me. One great hike is just outside of Castle Rock in a town called Sedalia. The trail is called Devils Head. You hike up to the fire watch tower. If you have a jeep or good 4x4 there are some great trails you can hike or take your vehicle. Heres a couple pics from a few hikes and trails
    Chinaman Gulch trail head
    Devils Head fire watch tower
    T33A-plane crash trail

  • solieco1
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    Colorado Springs here
  • Holly414141
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    Loveland (the city) here!