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I have been on the sideline now for 3 months after shoulder surgery (Rotator) with little to no physical activity except walking. Now able to run again and gaining strength back any suggestions out there to help with running. Today I started 2 a days and hoping this helps with the waist line. I am going to be needed to take my pt test as soon as I get back. Any suggestion


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    Run in the therapy pool, find a swimming pool treadmill. Less impact on that shoulder, soldier. <3
    For real, you won't be jolting your body like running on the pavement or road. They work great.
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    Get your profile extended so you have time to heal and pass.
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    Get your profile extended so you have time to heal and pass.

    This. And if I'm reading right, you're running twice a day? Don't do that, or you'll wind up injuring yourself from over-training after three months of inactivity. (Tendinitis is a beast to get rid of, trust me.) The best thing you can do is be PATIENT. Try a C25K app to build up properly. Run only every other day. On the between days, you can work on the shoulder and back strength, and maybe go for a walk or bike ride, but no running. Many, many good runners have hurt themselves (myself included) by trying to do too much too fast.
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    Thank you
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    Are you doing physical therapy for the shoulder? If so, I'd ask the therapist to develop a plan for you so that you can continue to build up your strength at the gym. I would not run twice a day, that is a recipe for an injury. Every other day is fine, but honestly, at 3 months post op, I'd recommend still sticking with lower impact cardio like cycling or the eliptical, and wait to start running until you are closer to 6 months out.
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    I bruised a heel two weeks before scheduled PRT and received an option extension from medical. Don't push this. Implement a moderate deficit and slowly build up your workouts to get back where you were before.

    Undue haste makes waste.

    Be purposeful and deliberate with this.