Short Female Gamer Ready To Win Her Body Back

Hey :) I'm Juanita, a 24 (almost 25) 5'2 game addicted IT geek and I'm starting my journey of winning back my body and losing weight. I'm currently at the heaviest I've ever been 109kgs and I have never felt so disappointed in myself. I'm looking for people who are starting or on their journey to a better lifestyle and healthy body/mind.
Currently I'm a full time student in my last year of my degree, a part time self employed contract worker (creating and developing websites / video games) and a game addict. I play everything from League of Legends to CSGO, Diablo, tomb raider etc you get it lol. If you want to help me and join me in this journey add me :) id love to have motivational people who are on the same track!!


  • KiwiGirl91
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    Haha that sounds like a perfect thing to do!
  • DoctahJenn
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    I'm more of an MMO player these days - and a tabetop gamer - but I'm also a huge sci-fi/fantasy book/movie geek, so I feel nice and balanced. :P You're welcome to add me. I run... so I can sit on my behind the rest of the day without feeling guilty. I also do weights a few times a week at the gym, and my fitbit is my best friend.
  • CafeRacer808
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    Game addict myself, working on getting my body back.. I started doing push-ups, burpees, jogging in place during loading screens and cutscenes. Lol

    Ha! Great idea.

    What games are you guys playing right now? I'm really looking forward to playing Final Fantasy XV during Christmas break.
  • lbarnes0386
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    Heya, I just started this today myself! I've been a gamer my whole life but in the last 10 or so years mostly just play MMOs. I really let my body go, and as I work in field biology (currently unemployed, damn seasonal positions) this can be kind of catastrophic to the physicality of the work. From what Iv'e heard from some others who both game and work out, if you compare your own numbers and calories to things like stats, grinding, and levelling, that seems to really help "switch" your addiction. At least, hoping it works for me!
  • marikaCL
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    Big gamer here, play pretty much anything although redoing Oblivion and Skyrim atm.

    Huge IT geek as well, I'm an IT Tech and love anything to do it, particularly building my gaming PC's.
  • m0niqueee
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    Let's support each other ! Add me (:
  • mgmcdougle
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    Female gamers unite! Between gaming and a desk job, I 'm starting to feel like a blob. Started a LCHF diet about a week ago and could use some accountability and encouragement!
  • peacelovejh
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    Hey! I just turned 25 myself and have been really interested in web and game development, is that what you're getting your degree in or did you teach yourself?

    I love all games, but have been more into MMOs (especially WoW), though I haven't been playing as much now since I've been trying to focus more on health and career and everything. I'm new to this app and am looking for friends for motivation and support so feel free to add me! :)