One more time...

What can I say that has not already been said? Everyday is a new beginning. We all fall off the wagon. Here I go again.

My name is Stephanie. I come from a city just south of Atlanta in Henry County. I am a 35 year old woman (36 on Wednesday), who is married to the love of her life, Drew. I have two dogs; Jaxon is a Jack Russell/American Foxhound mix and Kevin is a German Shepherd/Dachshund mix. Both are 60 pounds. I am an elementary teacher. I absolutely love most aspects of my life. The parts of me that are the constant reminders of my failure are my weight, my medical conditions, and my infertility.

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. It isn't so much that I like food, it's that I can't stop eating food. if I know something is in the kitchen, it bothers me until I can have it. Even if I don't like it, I will crave it. Finally getting my hands on it causes such deep satisfaction that if usually instantly followed with regret.

I've done the dieting thing many times in my life. At one point I even lost 100 lb. I was so proud of myself. I cut out sodas, I counted calories, and I went down several pant sizes. Then we went on our honeymoon... Unfortunately the water tasted like iron. Restaurants didn't really have a healthy food option. I fell off the wagon I never picked myself back up. I gained back 55 of those pounds. And now here I am. Doing what many of us have done repeatedly. Finding that struggle, trying to stay on the wagon, and hoping beyond hope that this time will produce a lifestyle change.

My ultimate goals are to lose weight, hopefully have a baby one day, be able to shop any store, to come off my sleep apnea machine, and stop taking insulin.

I am looking for motivation partners. I need someone who's not afraid to say, "Hey! Where have you been?" I need someone who will kick my *kitten* when I don't log my diary for the day or go to the gym. I would love to find someone who would end up being a long-term friend. While my husband is my best friend, he is an enabler who does anything to make me happy. I need someone who will tell me, "No" and "Get up!" I need someone that I can do the same to.


  • Iamsimpleguy
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    Welcome to MFP, You are at the right place Enter your food diary daily and keep tracking your calories, try to do small exercises. Keep active yourself. All the best!! Feel free to add me :)

    For a Newbie check this link
  • DoctahJenn
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    I can certainly do the tough love thing, though I don't really check diaries. If you don't mind a geek who runs, I could use someone who's willing to kick my butt back when I get lazy. I've been here ages and fell off the wagon for a year. I need to get serious again. :/
  • Holly414141
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    I would love to be there for you! I am just getting back into the swing of things and want it to stick this time. I really struggle with those damn cravings as well. I am working on being on here daily completing my diaries and exercising. I did just make my diary viewable and that seems to help me a little with the cravings. Would love if you would add me
  • sadiebrawl
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    I am hitting reset as well, and would welcome a motivation partner. I have about 50 to lose.
  • Dallen8585
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    You got this! This is my first time here and I’m also looking for motivation and support! I’ll be here if you wanna chat and be friends! 88e5dcwlhbtf.jpeg
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  • NicoleVT83
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    Let’s be friends! I’m in the same boat!
  • kakaovanilya
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    Hi Stephanie, welcome! If you had done it before, you can do it again. I am struggling to lose around 20 lbs and I check in daily. You can add me.