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  • This is fantastic progress! Your recomp has been excellent, because 41 lbs is A LOT. I think you look great currently, but I understand that you know yourself best!!! Keep up the good work!
  • 100 Mile Cycling/Walking Goal for June Week One Total: 16.62 miles June 2 - 8.0 mile cycling June 4 - 8.62 mile cycling Week Two Total: 0 miles (skipped; not sure why...) June 11 - 3.15 mile walk June 12 - 3.50 mile walk June 14 - 10.0 mile cycling
  • Yasssss! I loveeee this so much!!!! Congratulations!
  • Glad you mentioned this. OP is wayyyy more active than I ever could be. That being said, I had COVID in January, followed by mono in March (Epstein-Barr for others that don't know). Between those two illnesses, already being immunocompromised, AND having chronic fatigue issues anyways, I'd bet money on this being a big…
  • Also bumping this thread. Minus a 2-month lapse when I changed jobs in 2019, I've been on Gabapentin for almost 4 years now for neuropathy pain, restless leg syndrome, full-body tremors, and insomnia. I take 900 mg nightly and now am fully dependent on it to get sleep. I've had too many life circumstances since I started…
  • Super proud of you! I started C25K again right before the 1st of the new year and I remember how week 1 was pure h3ll. Most days, I can get through my intervals, but once in a while, I can hardly get through 30-60 seconds, lol. I'm on W4D3 and I keep getting progressively slower to the point where my walk breaks are…
  • Two-part NSV, just as a heads up. At work, I can't accesses both of my managers' offices unless I go up this staircase with a wicked incline. Normally, it makes me feel like death going one way and I have had to mask sounding like I'm dying trying to catch my breath. Ever since I started Couch to 5K during Christmas week…
  • The first time I lost significant weight, it was in 2014. I was navigating an emotionally/mentally toxic and abusive relationship and I had just received a horrible health screening. In less than a year, I had lost 50 lbs through Couch to 5K/10K and lifting. I finally left the relationship as well. Flash-forward almost 6…
  • Super late to the game, lol, but I'm on day 5 of the challenge. Not a lot of people on MFP have done this! I've never had this much water in my entire life! I also have had some hurdles with food temptations this week, with family outings and such, but I've held strong! I've been out of my favorite coffee and flavored…
  • Holy hell!!! You look *phenomenal*! <3
  • Back when I was at my lowest weight of the 165 range, most people swore I looked like I was 140 or 150. I was fairly lean and muscular back then, which was awesome, but I was fairly weak. I remember still feeling pretty deflated after I had lost 50 lbs in 2014-2015. Back then, I remember feeling like I could have lost…
  • My partner and I just recently moved from a 2-bedroom townhouse to a 2-bedroom loft-style apartment. We definitely downsized our living spaces (no garage, small square feet, lower rent and taking over a sublease), but we were definitely able to get rid of a ton of old furniture, clothes, and nick-nacks that we simply…
  • I absolutely LOVE this!!! Congrats to you and your partner!
  • parkerpowerlift January Week 1 Weigh-In January 1, 2020 SW: 244 lbs January 8, 2020 CW: 245 lbs (fml)
  • Daily Post - 01/01/2020 Track: Yes Calories: Under Exercise: 1.5 hours lifting (conventional deadlifts, t-bar rows, iso-rows, lat-pulldowns, pre-hab work) and a 10 minute slow stroll outside with my English bulldog. Daily Post - 01/02/2020 Track: Yes Calories: Under Exercise: None (yet)
  • We have similar goals! The smallest size I've ever been was a misses 10 in most everything, with one pair of 8s. I have since then gone up to a snug 16. Thankfully, my pants are starting to fit better again. I'd love to drop dress sizes again soon! When I had lost 50 lbs a few years ago, I was sitting around 175. Most of…
  • Hello everyone! My name is Sarah. I'm 26 and from the Midwest. I'm currently not married, but in a long-term relationship of 2+ years. I am a foster parent, a powerlifter, a college student, and gainfully employed full-time. This is my 2nd round of the Biggest Loser challenge on here. From November 2019 to today, I am down…
  • Sonbisshhh, I kinda went AWOL this last week on here, but I kept tracking consistently. I haven't made the best of choices eating-wise and I've seen a spike, so my last weigh-in of the year is at 244 lbs. I still am ultimately down 6 lbs from November, and my pants are starting to fit better on me! I will hope to be better…
  • Sunday, 12/22 Tracking: Yes Calories: Barely under Exercise: Yes, a 20-minute walk/scavenger hunt around a friend's neighborhood.
  • Height 5' 7 SW: 250 GW: 185 12/2: 243.6 12/6 - 241.4 12/9 - 242.6 12/16 -242.2 12/22 - 241.0 Today's weight is back up to 242 point something, because I had a high-sodium pasta last night for dinner. I just knew it'd get me. I'll have to take measurements later today and see if anything changed.
  • Dec Week 4 SW: 250 lbs PW: 242.2 CW: 241.0 I’m a day early with weighing in and this was after I already ate breakfast. Kind of annoyed at myself because I have a feeling the number would have been lower had I remembered to weigh in earlier this morning. But I’m just glad to see it slowly going downward again.
  • December 18 Check-In Track: Yes Calories: Under Exercise: No December 19 Check-In Track: Yes Calories: Over...ugh. Stressful day and eating too many holiday treats at work. Exercise: No
  • Posting in here to bump this thread. How are you holding up, @averysjourney ?
  • There is absolutely NO way I could get away with that. Hahaha. I wear a Victoria's Secret high-impact bra and it STILL isn't enough support for me. I normally wear a D40 for bras. With my sports bra, it is a DD40 and I still have issues running (tested said bra out while running last night). I honestly think I'll need to…
  • I unfortunately haven’t started taking progress photos yet, ugh. But I went back to a photo of me from August 2019 to a photo of today. I still see inflammation and puff in my face, but I think it’s slowly going down. Long road to go. I keep seeing FB memories of me when I was almost 80 lbs lighter. 😩
  • December 16 Check-In: Track: Yes Calories: Under Exercise: Nope. December 17 Check-In: Track: Yes Calories: Under Exercise: 45 minutes of chest/arm super-sets (DB chest flies, curls, incline bench, flat bench, tricep work) and W2D1 of C25K for cardio.
  • Height 5' 7 SW: 250 GW: 185 12/2: 243.6 12/6 - 241.4 12/9 - 242.6 12/16 -242.2 12/23 - Just finished my TOM over the weekend. I'm starting to see some of the bloat drop off, but I'm still hanging out around the 242s. I still would love to get back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight of 240.4, lol, but without illness. I have to…
  • Okay, so I decided to weigh-in again today and I'm actually at 242 even for my current weight. I *really* want to get below 240 before the end of the month!
  • December 15 Check-In: Track: Yes Calories: Barely under, lol. Exercise: Nope. NSVs from last week; -1'' on my chest -1" on my hips -1" on my waist Soooo I just learned that I actually CAN access the community threads through the mobile app. I should have known better. I wasn't looking very hard in the past, but now that I…
  • parkerpowerlift Dec Week 3 SW: 250 PW: 242.6 CW: 242.2 After shark week, I'm amazed that I basically maintained. I was guilty of still checking my weight this last week, lol, which was dumb because I retain water like crazy. I should hopefully see a more accurate drop in weight over the next few days!