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5'7"/5'8" women - goal weight?

Hello! I just started using MFP again and wanted to find out what everyone's goal weight is. My starting weight was 156, my current weight is 150 and I'm hoping to get down to 135-137. The lowest weight I've been in the past 5 years is 144 but I was never 100% happy with my body. Feel free to add me so we can keep each other accountable!


  • harper16
    harper16 Posts: 2,564 Member
    I'm 5'7 my highest weight was 225 after having my child. Current weight is 208. I'd like to get down to the 140's. I'm not following any diet plan, or program. Just wanting to lose slow and steady. I've had an eating disorder in my past, and it lead to health issues. I don't want to fall back on bad choices.

    Lots of good luck!
  • midlomel1971
    midlomel1971 Posts: 1,279 Member
    My start weight is 202 and I'd like to get down to 155ish. I have a bigger frame and I'm also muscular and there is no way I could get below the 150 range, nor would I want to.
  • parkerpowerlift
    parkerpowerlift Posts: 186 Member
    Back when I was at my lowest weight of the 165 range, most people swore I looked like I was 140 or 150. I was fairly lean and muscular back then, which was awesome, but I was fairly weak. I remember still feeling pretty deflated after I had lost 50 lbs in 2014-2015. Back then, I remember feeling like I could have lost another 10 lbs or so. So I think that I'd look absolutely amazing if I hit the 150s.

    Now that I've ballooned up significantly, I'd love to have my first weight loss goal be to hit 185 first before re-assessing.
  • josephinebowman
    josephinebowman Posts: 359 Member
    I was told 125 and I am a short 5'7 meaning with age, I am really about 5'6 now. I don't remember being 125 so who knows. Will see when I drop. My smallest clothes are 14s or 34 waist so that might be a hint.
  • brittanywatts35
    brittanywatts35 Posts: 1 Member
    I am 5’7 and 130 lbs. My highest was 150. My goal weight is around 125.
  • MinTheKitCat
    MinTheKitCat Posts: 171 Member
    5’8” aiming for 135-145. I always felt my best in the 130s (any lower and I get sick, above 145, I start to feel the extra weight).
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,826 Member
    I'm 5'7". My goal changes based on my body composition. Right now it's 135lbs and I'm working on recomp. Ultimately I would love to be 140lbs and lean. That will take a lot of work so we'll see.
  • janetm67
    janetm67 Posts: 6 Member
    5’8” aiming for 135-145. I always felt my best in the 130s (any lower and I get sick, above 145, I start to feel the extra weight).
    Ditto for me. I was 5'8 before I started shrinking (now 5'7) but my weight trends are the same. I've ditched 14 pounds over the past six weeks, now at 144 with 9 lbs left to go. I feel a TON better at this weight but feel best at 135. Don't aim to go lower.

  • verodzrosas
    verodzrosas Posts: 84 Member
    Hello! I'm 5'8 and currently I'm at 160. I've been steadily loosing weight for the past few weeks, I was at 168. So hopefully it keeps going that way. My forever goal has been 135. The closest I've gotten in the past 5 yrs is 144 and I let it go again. Bopefully this time I will manage to get all the way there and stay there. I'm working out everyday using the female fitness app. And I'm trying different variants of fasting. It helps me to feel challeneged. Still, I eat very healthy and I try to reach the target calories on the hoirs that I am allowed to eat, so don't worry I'm not starving myself. Tbh honest I've never felt more in control of my appetite. Anyway, If anyone feels like adding me so we can help each other keep motivated that would be awesome. I like posting pictures of my meals, my diary is public, I have a bunch of recipes and from time to time I post motivational quotes and stuff like that.
  • gracetipikin
    gracetipikin Posts: 28 Member
    Im 5' 8" lowest ive been is 120lb (not a healthy time for me) and heaviest is 175lb after 2nd pregnancy. Currently 150lb. Goal of 140-145lb.
    Every body is different-healthy weights can vary greatly from person to person, even of the same height/age. God made us all unique and beautiful in our own way! ☺
  • Be_theBest_Me
    Be_theBest_Me Posts: 714 Member
    When I started my weight loss journey 14 yrs ago I was 270 got down to 150!! Gained it all back with first baby. 263 at her birth. Lost it all again plus some held 130lbs for about 3 years!! Gained it all back baby #2!! Thyroid went nuts while pregnant!! 266 at her birth!! Now I've lost to 160 then gained back up to 180 now I'm at 174.4 pushing for 150!! I'll be super happy!! There is my journey!!
  • missyelainious
    missyelainious Posts: 30 Member
    I started at 163 Jan5 and am down to 141. This is about the lowest I have ever weighed- I never weighed myself growing up. I thought 140 would feel thin, but am going to keep going down. New goal 134! I am 5’6’
  • Reachbrenda
    Reachbrenda Posts: 22 Member
    I’m 5’8, just got into a size 10 pant, but still wearing size 14 on top (and therefore dresses). I’m so glad for this question in the group. I’m down to around 190lbs, my goal is 150.
    I’d love to friend anyone in the group as I workout at home during this COVID situation.
  • tufntender
    tufntender Posts: 82 Member
    I am 5'7, I have always carried my weight well, I am broad shouldered, ( swimming) my highest was 182. Not one person noticed my weight gain. Most all of it in my stomach area, other than my face getting chubby, as I said I carry it somewhat well since I am a robust kind of woman. I can lose or gain 15 pounds maybe 20 without a noticeable difference outwardly I went down to 148, my goal was 150/ 155 and I actually didn't like it. I like myself a little more fleshy. I am quite fit, I do some exercises and stuff. Not sure where I want to go. I am in my early 50's so I absolutely do not want to look gaunt. In my 20's I was 120/ 125. in my 30's like 132 to 138, 40's 140 to 150
  • tufntender
    tufntender Posts: 82 Member
    Oh. I wear an XL top, XL Panties and 2x sports bras ( really ) size 10 in jeans/ 11 juniors
  • rheddmobile
    rheddmobile Posts: 6,701 Member
    5’8” and 137 is perfect, currently maintaining at 150ish. Anything over 160 and I definitely notice a difference in fitness and speed. I went down to 112 when I was in college and anything under 125 is definitely too thin - used to get anemic, frequent colds.
  • jessicaharris5894
    jessicaharris5894 Posts: 1 Member
    I am 5'7" and after taking a specific medicine, I went from 135 to now currently 165. I have struggled for over a year trying to get back to 135, and am feeling the extra weight. I am in my early 40's, so the diet and workouts I did ten years ago aren't cutting it today. Would love to hear any suggestions.