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  • Sorry for the delay, everyone! We had some storms and power outages. Here are the July challenges! Week 1 - Gryffindor Food - Stay under your sugar macro goal for the day. Each day you reach your daily goal you earn 5 NEWTs, 35 NEWTs possible for the week. Exercise - Squats! For every day that you complete at least 20…
  • Hello LaurenPyrexx, Collett here :) Let me know if you have any questions
  • it depends on what I want to deal with that day I have bad allergies so by the end of the day my eyes are really dry......... but I also have a medical problem that causes me to have really oily skin and my ears are weird so when I wear glasses no matter what I do they are constantly sliding down my face so I'm constantly…
  • So I just realized ive been forgetting our prefects!!!! So week 1 was amandapratt!!!!! And week 2 we had TourThePast and amandapratt
  • Oreos and peanut butter is my fav!!!!
  • WEEK 4: (Starting after check-in between 6/22-6/25 and ending with check-in between 6/29-7/2) OWL (exercise): Burpees: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIQx1FiQt50 NEWT (food): 5 NEWTs for every day you are near your calorie allotment by 100 calories whether above or below, 35 NEWTs possible for the week. SPEW: Earn 1 point…
  • Hey everybody we are starting a new thing with challenges for july..... we would like the houses to be a little more involved so all of the houses are going to have the same challenges and every house get's to pick the challenges for one of the weeks.... we have the first week of july. Anybody have ideas of what owls and…
  • sleep is good...... and I know you can do it!!!
  • WEEK 3: (Starting after check-in between 6/15-5/18 and ending with check-in between 6/22-5/25) OWL (exercise): Wood Chop With Lunge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yvb4PeiWxE&feature=youtu.be Each day you reach your daily goal you earn 5 OWLs, you earn 3 OWLs for reaching half way to your goal, and 1 OWL for trying but…
  • I love the look os steampunk!!!! I love the corsets and the skirts.... I so want to dress up but haven't gotten into it yet.
  • I have a question for everybody are there any newts or owls you would like to do for a challenge? Second question where is everybody its getting kinda lonely here in the commoms room....
  • Super_soprano. Were glad to have you join us!!! And yes at the end of the weeks challenge you check in on google docs.... if you have any other questions go ahead and send me a message. :)
  • hahahaha omg made my day!!!
  • WEEK 2: (Starting after check-in between 6/8-6/ and ending with check-in between 6/15-5/18) OWL (exercise): kickouts http://youtu.be/KlZ5uJhmv4A Each day you reach your daily goal you earn 5 OWLs, you earn 3 OWLs for reaching half way to your goal, and 1 OWL for trying but not reaching half way. NEWT (food): 5 NEWTs for…
  • Just wondering how everybody is doing....... I'm doing pretty awesome..... preparing for my friends baby shower me and my other friend are planning it ..... next week I have a cousins wedding to attend i'm excited for him!!! And that's my life hope everybody is well
  • Sorry this is kind of late!!! June Week 1: (Starting after check-in between 6/1-6/4 and ending with check-in between 6/8-6/11) OWL (exercise): Clock Lunge http://youtu.be/GIm5-KIdWBk Each day you reach your daily goal you earn 5 OWLs, you earn 3 OWLs for reaching half way to your goal, and 1 OWL for trying but not reaching…
  • Love it!!!! Q
  • Nancy botwin, vin diesel, brock sampson
  • Isn't it!!!!!! At first I was a little skeptical off the game but I'm addicted!!!
  • Just on the 360 but my favorites are assassins creed, fable, borderlands, final fantasy, blue dragon, and Gotham city imposters..... oooooo and bayonette and can't forget zumba
  • Exactly what I was going to say it took me about two weeks to get over mine
  • I have insulin resistance so I personally need to have a low carb diet but I've been staying under 100 carbs..... I will sadly admit sometime I go over..... right now I'm doing the South Beach diet..... Yes it's called a diet but it's going to be the way I eat forever so nobody start freaking out....... any way the south…
  • This is me although metformin works differently for everybody I have hardly gotten sick at all the only time i feel like crap is if I ate too many carbs that day......... atkins does have a bad rep so I went with the south beach diet instead which instead of lowering your carbs like crazy his thing is teaching you how to…
  • Hello fellow Gryffindors!!!!! How is everybody doing. I'm pretty awesome started going to my new gym wanted to do weight lifting....... but everytime I looked at the machines and tried to figure them out I start to freak out so I signed up to meet with the trainer tomorrow so weights here I come!!!!!
  • Wow!!! you look amazing!! your my new inspiration!!
  • Neck: 16 Waist: 40.9 Hips: 48 Arms: 13.2 Thigh: 28.4 Belly: 48.5 chest: 49 Oddly I lost the most inches in my thighs... ok its odd to me :)
  • Good morning my fellow Gryffindors!!!!! Can I say I'm loving life right now why cause I'm on a roll the last four weeks is the best I've done with exercising and eating the right foods and it's awesome and i'm starting to think I can do this I can really do it and I'm going to look freaking awesome when I'm done!!!!
  • Slytherin is my second favorite house I would switch if needed no problem u would have to find a new assistant not that you have needed me much :)
  • Me and my hubby are sooooooo going!!!!!!!!! after we've saved enough money