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  • This morning, my husband made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Normally, I would just eat them however he made them and then feel bad the rest of the day. I always used the "I've blown it so just eat everything" excuse not to track. Today, I asked him to make mine without using any butter or extra sugar. He did. Then,…
  • I understand how you feel. I've gained back 31 lbs of 56 lb weight loss. I tried to pretend it wasn't happening but I finally had to face it when none of my pants fit anymore. I find it embarrassing as well. I'm not embarrassed to be back here (MFP) but it's embarrassing to see that my family sees it. My husband has always…
  • I’ve felt disappointed with myself because I haven’t been tracking everything everyday. It’s easy for me to go into black and white thinking and decide to just quit if I’m not perfect. My NSV is that I reminded myself that the important thing is to keep going. That what you do most of the time will pay off. If there’s no…
  • I have consistently exercised five days a week for at least 30 minutes for 4&1/2 months!!!!!!! I’m very proud myself for that!
  • I stopped using MFP for a while because I needed a break from tracking every single thing I ate and every single bit of movement. Did I gain weight? Yes. Does it matter? Not really. During that time off I was able to set some goals for myself that have nothing to do with numbers. Not calories in/out. Not the scale. Not the…
  • I'm having a fat day. I woke up feeling every part of my body touching some other part of my body. I was very tempted to step on the scale and take my measurements so that I could properly beat myself up. But I didn't. I remembered that it's days like today when you have to step back and take care of yourself. These are…
  • I've really been focusing on listening to my body when it comes to food to try and break the binge cycle. Over the past week I've turned down several foods that in the past, I would just eat until they were gone. One of them just didn't smell good, one had a texture I didn't care for and the other two just didn't taste as…
  • I have a big sweet tooth but ultimately it doesn’t matter WHAT I eat. It’s all about how much. I will decide not to eat something if there’s only one or two servings. I don’t want two cookies I want to eat a never ending amount of cookies. Or whatever else I’m eating. My brain just turns off for those few blessed moments…
  • I realized that I've been consistently exercising M-F for 8 weeks! There's even a few Saturdays and Sundays in there! I'm so proud of myself!!!!
  • Today, I am depressed. But I am here. And I will keep going. That is my victory. I will still care for myself.
  • Despite what the scale says, I feel lighter. It's easier to move. And, I can tell where my backside ends and my thighs begin!
  • I'm sure someone has already stated this one. My mother hammered it into my head since the age of ten. Thin = Healthy No matter what it takes for you to get/be/stay thin.
  • I ate, like, a lot of cake yesterday. But today, I'm still exercising, I'm still tracking, I'm still being nice to myself. I'm remembering that there is no "wagon" to get on or fall off. It's a continuous journey. You just keep going.
  • @scarlett_k I'm glad you brought this up. I don't really understand why that statement is even there. It has an effect on me personally when I see it on my own news feed. I agree with you that it seems to be congratulating undereating. That being said, I understand what others are saying about not knowing someone else's…
  • I ate one bowl of cereal this morning. I used to eat at least four bowls at a time. But this morning, I measured out the cereal and the milk and ate ONE bowl. I eve poured out the remaining milk rather than drinking it.
  • Yesterday, I didn't like what the scale said. But I still met my other goals. I tracked everything and I exercised. I didn't say mean things to myself. That's a bigger victory than anything the scale says.
  • I started working from home in February and starting sitting all day. Last month, I decided to set my alarm to go off every hour from 9-4 and I would get up and move for five minutes. I just checked the calendar and realized that I've been doing it consistently for FIVE and a half weeks!!!
  • I reached out to my sister in law who is also on MFP and has had success for reconditions on easy low fat food products. Then I made a list, went to the store and only bought what was on the list. Part of that list was healthier options for my sweet tooth. I ended up with some delicious items that seemed to do the after…
  • @solieco1 Thank you for that. It's been difficult taking the focus off of losing weight an putting it on caring for myself no matter what. I needed that encouragement because it's hard to let go and feel like I'm moving in the right direction.
  • This may seem like I’m going backwards but, I got rid of clothes that are too small. Every time I looked in my closet, I’d beat myself up for gaining weight. I decided that, if I do lose weight, I’ll buy all new clothes! I’m really working on self care and part of that is getting rid of things that make me feel bad about…
  • Yesterday, I ate dinner. Then I didn’t eat anything else. I ate what was on my plate and then called it a day. This is big for me because I am a dessert kind of person.
  • I’ve had a stressful week at work and, as a result, did a lot of stress eating. What I didn’t do was give up on myself. I still exercised. I still did nice things for myself like getting a massage.
  • My NSV today is that I did not get on the scale. I ate a lot yesterday (stressful day at work) and was tempted to get on the scale and berate myself for gaining weight. But I remembered that this in an ongoing journey and the number on the scale does not equal my value.
  • Two weeks ago,I set small goals for myself dealing with self care rather than weight loss. Things like using really nice body and face products daily. Getting up and moving for five minutes every hour during my work day (I work from home), making my bed. I put a sticker on my calendar for each goal I accomplish daily and…
  • I appreciate all of your replies. There are several of your tips and suggestions that I plan to try.
  • Toning and firming.
  • This may seem like a weird one but, I’ve made my bed every day for a week. I never used to make my bed and it always looked so sloppy. It made me feel sloppy. I guess I see it as a sign that I’m caring more about my environment and myself. I want things to look and feel good. I’m worth a little effort.
  • I’ve exercised for seven days in a row. I’m sore , but proud!
  • I ate a piece of pie. ONE piece of pie.
  • @azalea4175 Thank you for the support! I didn’t step on the scale yesterday or today and I feel a bit more calm. Any reduction of stress is going to have a positive effect.