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  • I was a single peep for many years. I am scared to go back and read on here all my dating struggles lol. Met a lot of great people. That's all :)
  • That's exactly what my mentality was when I met my husband. Like was over it. Everything I had been doing wasn't working and everything I thought I wanted, I obviously didn't. I started to give others a chance I normally wouldn't whether it be looks, career, interests, etc. I was a little unsure of my now husband but I was…
  • Congrats!!! That's awesome on the marriage and pregnancy!! It's been eons since I've been in here. I'm happily married now too but no babies for us :)
  • Agree 100%. Not that Sean was perfect but it didn't matter what he did she was annoyed. But rolling her eyes at his promotion, wtf? Ask questions, support him, blah blah. It was always all About her. Drove me mad.
  • Was my guilty little pleasure!!! I'd love another update on both seasons now actually :) 2 couples from season one had stayed together but one was shaky.
  • Thank you!
  • I was single for a lot of my time on single peeps! I got engaged in April though and getting married in a month! eek! We've had some good conversation here that is forsure!
  • Sounds beautiful.. What a crafty wedding favor? Where are you marrying? your hometown? mexico is nice :) any idea on resort? area?
  • At your age, I am curious what makes you lean to a much older man? 37 isn't bad, but 50 is much older. Is it just the maturity leave of it all? My kids dad is much older than I, I was only 23 when we met. I was so excited to date an older man who probably had his *kitten* together, could provide me a life as he had already…
  • I started at 245 and 1200 calories and regret it. EAT MORE! because you will train your body to only accept that and starting to eat more will take some adjustment.. I mean I don't gain now eating more, but it took some time. So just eat more now, YOU NEED IT!!!!
  • Fun! I picked fuschia pink. For favors, I am getting them each a maracas which we will put our info on with a marker, then have a tag that says 'shake with the kiss' then I plan to also make each person a luggage tag for the tables. For our guest book I am using Mexican postcards! My flower girl will have a pail, and my…
  • It still will happen, I really do believe. Shawn seems to be a rare breed from the men I dated but he still was out there. Very old fashioned and traditional in that sense. Love it!
  • Shawn and I go on dates all the time. We actually plan date nights and get a sitter!!! Might be because we love to go out and be kid free, but none the less we do it. Even with my kids dad (my ex) we planned date nights, you need too or your relationship would suffer IMO
  • I think he meant for people who are actually getting out there.... if you friends chose to simply not date, or go out with men, or whatever, that is totally against what he was getting at. I think he was going more for women actually getting out there, but still thinking they weren't official dates.
  • Nice to see some brides.. For fun.. share your colors, favors, ideas, etc....
  • Took me until I was 32, so don't give up yet! I agree, when it fits, it fits.. whether you are fluffy or not!
  • This is random... is the FWB that ex that would only see you like every second weekend type deal? and could only see you because he had a restraining order? If yes, I AGREE WITH YOUR FRIEND!!! need to get out there :) :) I say that with only love in my heart -- but you know that!!! I like everyone's suggestions!!! good luck
  • Depending what it is about them, I think the nice, respectful, good males you need to give a chance if you can. Took me a LONG time with Shawn - poor fella - but once I realized he was meant for me, it has been basically fireworks and we are getting married in January. I know this doesn't happen for everyone, but I finally…
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  • I used Match too and found it a complete and utter waste of money. I had 1 date and he spent all night staring at my chest and talking about his ex trapped him. I had 1 other email but never met the guy because he told me that his bestfriend, who was a girl, would have to approve of me first before he would consider…
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  • well.... about 2 months away.. people still wanna do a group shirt or something? nothing pricey - I have a wedding budget lol I should get back to running, it's been a long long while!
  • First off, ANY LOSS IS BIG!!!! don't discredit yourself because people aren't complementing you. A few things -- some people may notice but don't want to say anything. If you are wearing the same clothes, and haven't bought any to show off your new curves people may not notice, etc. There are a million things BUT... you…
  • If you hadn't have sent that last text you may never have heard back, but, I give the guy props for calling you. We all have a way with words when we don't know what to say/are uncomfortable but he was man enough to do it. That says a lot about him, IMO. I have met more on the other side of the spectrum, vanish into thin…
  • Well said, I am the same as you.. kind of let it get away from me, got to comfortable, and also find myself with about 8 lbs to lose (some was holiday weight, but no excuse). It will be a life time of logging for me, but I am hoping to start measuring myself so I can stop being ruled by the scale.. or heck, even better…
  • 4 dates since March sounds like it's more than just the average busy... busy or not you can get out more than 4 times in 2.5 months. IMO.. Sounds like he is probably playing the field also, which he has every right now -- so case in point not to throw all your eggs in one basket either.
  • I always sweat.... while working out, while being in the sun, while blow drying my hair. So it doesn't matter my weight, I still sweat... all....the....time
  • My gut feeling tells me he didn't back off to see if you took the lead. If he was really interested then he would have just done what he was always doing ... or if times got busy it may have slacked, but picked back up.. If you texted him and he didn't respond, I don't think there is anything to figure out, I think you…
  • Brittany Spears - midnight fantasy.... love it, but it's getting harder to find it.
  • I agree with Anna. Unfortunately with dating, it can go into limbo land at anytime, even if the dates seems really good. He may have decided otherwise, he may be dating other women, he may have too much going on in his life blah blah blah blah! At the end of the day, like you said, you can't wait around. What I started to…
  • Or the ones who you ignore for about 5 mins and then they start sending all these f** crazy messages back. Buddy you sent your email 5 mins ago, give the girl some time to respond, now I definately don't want too....
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