4 Year Anniversary Maintaining!



  • Robin1117
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    Well done, Robin, well done!

    I enjoyed reading your blogs from this year and past years and I'll be sharing them with my maintenance friends. Great observations and lessons learned. Thanks for posting!

    Thanks so much for going back to the older ones and sharing! Appreciate that!
  • V0lver
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  • quietHiker
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    Always an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your lessons learned!
  • Robin1117
    Robin1117 Posts: 1,762 Member
    Always an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your lessons learned!

    thanks Martha, as are you!! One of my long-term maintaining pals!
  • Jim_G10
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    Superb and thank you.
  • Robin1117
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    Superb and thank you.

    so glad you liked it! Appreciate the feedback!
  • tech_kitten
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  • kimad
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    Well said,

    I am the same as you.. kind of let it get away from me, got to comfortable, and also find myself with about 8 lbs to lose (some was holiday weight, but no excuse).

    It will be a life time of logging for me, but I am hoping to start measuring myself so I can stop being ruled by the scale.. or heck, even better just log and not weigh/measure if my clothes still fit.

    I have done this twice now -- last year I was up almost 10 at one point and my clothes got snug.... so I got the weight off, then I went on vacation and find myself back here again. Clothes aren't snug this time but I feel kinda gross lol... I have been in the same clothes for a few years now so I must be doing something right I guess.
  • aserranzana16
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    Congrats, and thank you for your blog post - it's really inspiring for someone like me (just starting on my maintenance journey)!

    What a great outlook.
  • bciloveme2014
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    So glad I read this, I am about to switch to maintenance, and started to feel anxious about it. Thanks for sharing
  • Congratulations, that is wonderful to hear.
  • Pamela_in_Progress
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    Thanks for sharing! It was wonderfully insightful. I'm not quite ready for maintenance yet, but this gives me inspiration that it can be done. Congratulations on your success! :flowerforyou:
  • Robin1117
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    thank you all so much for your comments--I'm so glad writing it down is helpful. When I first started there were just a handful of us maintainers and it's so great to know how many of us this site has produced over the last few years, and we have some great experiences to share.

    And Kimad--i have a theory about the "vacation" weight--and that's well within maintaining :)....usually my after-vacation trick is to NEVER weigh myself. Eat within maintenance limit for about 2 weeks and I'm usually feeling more comfortable in my clothes. I think it's the logging and coming into the site and being accountable that keeps us successful, even with those little blips....
  • Robin1117
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    Great blog! After 3 months maintaining (never was overweight until I got very sick 4 yrs ago and couldn't exercise) I realize that I can't be the same person health and fitness wise that I was before the chronic illness - I know that I will have to log food for quite a while because I love variety... If it was only about the same breakfast every day, and 3 or 4 different lunches and 5 or 6 different dinners, I could probably just go it on memory. BUT, every day for me is different foodwise, so I need to know my ratios of macros and where I am in my calorie goals. I'm thinkin' I will be logging for quite a while.
    Thanks again!

    This is so true! I'm so "regular" w/my diet and that's where I messed up, thinking I could just do it on my own last year...and seems like we all get a little more variety than we think...especially in the summer, with vacations and disruption of routine with kids, I hope you are feeling better and have a good routine going on maintenance --congrats and good luck to you!
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    Thank you for the post and the blog. You are quite an inspiration!
  • MzIrish
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    Congrats !
  • Robin1117
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    thanks everyone! So glad we are all here to share w/everyone!