Will I stop sweating like a beast while exercising?



  • kikityme
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    My sister is a lot smaller than me and she is just a sweater. When we're done, she's soaking wet and I'm a little pink. It doesn't mean she's working so much harder than me.

    It's the same as when she loses weight, it all goes from her boobs, and it goes from my face. Every body is different is all.
  • Strokingdiction
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    As you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular fitness, your body will remove heat more efficiently.

  • GeapetCore
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    Thank you for the feedback! I will just roll with it and remember I'm doing something great for myself :-)
  • hermann341
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    It's not sweat. It's liquid AWESOME!
  • MelodyandBarbells
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    Same as everyone else.

    If I look at a basketball court, I start sweating.
    Right?! I sweat through every layer after 5 min of just walking. Then I see some poncy, bronzed a**e walking around on the surface of the sun drinking a hot coffee wearing a jumper in mid-summer ... NOTHING! Not even a drop of his brow, that piece of ....

    But you're not bitter or anything :laugh:

    OP, If there are fans in the area you may be able to control the sweat by blasting them at you. I turn the fan towards me during classes mainly to help me breath a little easier, though.
  • fitness_faeiry
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    I sweat like a mad woman...I get massive sweat patches all over my back usually. Whatever, I think its a good thing!
  • Marlitharn
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    I go 3-4 times a week to run on the treadmill at the gym that shall not be named, and by the time I'm done my hair is dripping, my face is fire engine red, and my shirt is soaked from the neck down to my bra band. I try to snag a machine right under the giant ceiling fan and it helps a little. Mostly I just try to think of it as sloth leaving my body, and drink lots of water afterwards.
  • eganita
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    I sweat a lot, especially from my head. I'm 5'3" 133 now, but it was like that when I weighed a little more as well. Oh well - reminds me of how hard I work when I'm exercising :) I usually wear a bandana when I work out, and that helps a lot... otherwise I'd be dripping all over the carpet :)
  • Holly_Roman_Empire
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    At 170, I sweat A LOT. At 135, I sweat A LOT. So if you're like me you'll always be wet. But who knows how your body will react to more weight lost.

    This was me too. I'm just a person that sweats. My husband who is not overweight and about 35 pounds more than me, barely sweats when doing the same type of workouts.
  • kimad
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    I always sweat.... while working out, while being in the sun, while blow drying my hair.
    So it doesn't matter my weight, I still sweat... all....the....time
  • brando79az
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    I always sweat. I don't care what the conditions are. I am also the first to be hot in any situation. It is never too cold for me. I'm sure some of it is my exta weight but this has been an issue regardless of my weight. It gets embarassing when I am in non-cardio situations. The other day I was helping "Stophungernow" with my coworkers and it was noticeable enough for my coworkers to say something :( That was stupid. Oh well. I'm used to it.
  • 12by311
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    I've always sweat a lot. My high school basketball teammates used to say I would start sweating when I LOOKED at the basketball court.
  • pkteen
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    When you exercise, your muscles have friction between them and your heart rate is very high. As a result, your body starts overheating very quickly. The purpose of sweating is to cool you down. You can't stop that from happening.
  • KayJaMikel
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    hates sweating with a passion. <
    sweats to the point of hair soaking wet all the time, any weather, doing anything. <
    would not mind if ever sweats again. <
    hates hubbs WHO NEVER SWEATS.
  • aarnwine2013
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    I thought that after losing almost 30 lbs that I wouldn't be as sweaty... I was wrong. It may even be worse now... I hate it and love it at the same time because I feel like I've worked hard.

    I say lets embrace the sweat and repeat the phrase that sweat is fat crying. :drinker:
  • maz504
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    I love sweating hard during a workout! I hope it doesn't stop!
  • ZiezieO
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    If you're exercising and doing a good job, don't worry about the sweat. You look tough!
    Keep hydrated and keep up the great work!
  • mmm_drop
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    Some people just sweat more than others.

    I am one of those folks that sweats like crazy.

    I have embraced it.

    Sweat is just liquid awesome.
  • I totally feel your pain! I'm sweaty under the best of conditions, so any kind of physical exertion has me leaving behind puddles lol like others have said, just embrace it! There's nothing wrong with it. If anything, it shows you're doing an awesome job and busting your butt! :)
  • runner475
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    Sweating is the natural and effective way for body to cool while exercising.

    I would sweat heavy when I was 282 pounds.I still sweat heavy. Embrace it. It's good thing.