What Perfumes Do You Own? =)



  • cmcorn26
    cmcorn26 Posts: 256
    Love Chanel perfumes...
    I have coco, and chance

    And chance is by far my fav!
  • Askyewalker
    Askyewalker Posts: 40 Member
    Philosophy - Pure Grace
    CLEAN - Warm Cotton
  • Contrarian
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    I am not able to purchase any fragrance that has a celebrity's name attached to it. I don't care what it smells like. I refuse to buy "Slag, by Lindsay Lohan" or whatever.
  • Opium and Baby Doll
  • mbk830
    mbk830 Posts: 166 Member
    Chanel No. 5
    Philosophy Amazing Grace
    Eternity (in the winter)
  • tacticalhippie
    tacticalhippie Posts: 600 Member
    I make my own with essential oils.
    I smell like a hippie.

    I happen to love the smell of jasmin and patchoulli (not together though lol)
  • Not enough! Bump to this just so I can read for ideas.
  • Pink Sugar from Sephora


    Black Amethyst --from Bath and Body Works
  • Stella - Stella McCartney
    Pure Poison - Dior
    Eucalyptus & Spearmint body spay from Bath & Body Works
  • CLEAN - Skin (fave!)
    Ed Hardy - Love and Luck
    Este Lauder - White Linen
    I can't rember the brand but the name is Lady Milionare - I hate the bottle so I hide it
  • Alex_is_Hawks
    Alex_is_Hawks Posts: 3,500 Member
    Anais Anais,
    Lolita Lempicka (purple)
    Armani Code
    Kat Von D Sinner
    Kat Von D Saint
    Kat Von D Adora
    Body Shop White Musk Libertine
    Vera Wang Princess
    Jean Paul Gaultier classique X
    Aquolina Pink Sugar
    Guerlain Le Petit Robe Noir (my new one..it's NEW)
    Issey Miyake L'eau Issey
    La Vanila - pur Vanilla frangrance
    Pacifique Sud- Vanilla Abricot
    Kenzo - L'eau de Kenzo Amour...

    yes I know...i have a problem....and it's beautiful...it's a beautiful problem to have...

    that and shoes...and purses...and make up...and lingerie...
  • HurricaneElaine
    HurricaneElaine Posts: 984 Member
    I have a TON of perfume - it's enough for a lifetime, yet I keep buying MORE! :wink:

    Bulgari Omnia, Absynthe (Avon), Jewel by Mark, Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy, Bulgari Amethyste, Rebel Rose (Avon), Fergie's Outspoken, L by Lolita Lempicka, Tease (Paris Hilton), Grass (Gap, yes it smells like freshly cut grass!), Desert Queen (not sure of the maker - it's essential parfum of night-blooming cereus).

    Classic fragrances (meaning they were first made as far back as the 1930s) - Tabu by Dana, Soir de Paris (Bourjois), Byzance (Rochas), Obsession (CK), Python (Trussardi), Elixir de Merveilles (Hermes), Opium (YSL), Tea Rose (? maker).

    I wear men's cologne sometimes too - Nautica Oceans and Zino by Davidoff.

    Plus various body oils- civet, vanilla, patchouli, lily, violet, hyacinth and nag champa.

    Body sprays - grapefruit/juniper, cranberry/citrus, peach/peach blossom, and a tiny bottle called aaah - Spa! that smells like the ocean.
  • sultaria
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    I have over 90 different bottles of perfume. My signature is Amouage Memoir. I also love Guerlain perfumes. <3
  • SwedishSarah
    SwedishSarah Posts: 4,350 Member
    All different types! I change it up often, and depending on my mood.
    My favorite are Beach by Bobbi Brown, Peach and Satsuma from The Body Shop and Secret Crush from Victorias Secret. I also love Dot by Marc Jacobs.
  • skrlec70
    skrlec70 Posts: 302 Member
    none - Victoria secret body spray - love spell !
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    I don't wear perfume currently. I use body lotion with various light scents so that's how I smell. My husband likes that a lot.

    My favorites from the past:

    Thierry Mugler Angel for Men (on me, though, not on men)
    Stila Crème Bouquet
    cK truth
    Les Muses
  • MizTerry
    MizTerry Posts: 3,765 Member
    Coach Poppy
    Vanilla Fields
    Le Fleur

    And this is just what I can name off the top of my head.
  • Phoenix__Rising
    Phoenix__Rising Posts: 9,981 Member
    I love perfume. My current favorites are:
    - chanel- coco
    - chanel- chance
    - Marc Jacobs- Lola
    - Viktor and Rolf- flowerbomb
    - Lancome- hypnose

    Chanel chance is my everyday perfume though, i love it.

    All of these except Hypnose. Also:
    •Queen Latifah
    •Paris Hilton collection
    •Ed Hardy set

    I have more but the list is lengthy. :)
  • mockchoc
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    I have about 6 but my favourite is Paris that I actually bought in Paris :)
  • kimad
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    Brittany Spears - midnight fantasy.... love it, but it's getting harder to find it.