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  • Good luck! I've regained 20 lbs, and have wanted to try keto since 2 years ago when I did really well with short-term paleo. I started my keto diet today! Rooting for you both!
  • SW: 164.2 GW: 150 January 3: 164 January 10: 163.4 January 17: January 24: January 31: January Goal: January Actual: January Loss:
  • Jan Start Weight: 164.2 Jan Goal Weight: 159 Ultimate Goal Weight: 135-145 Jan 2: 164 Jan 9: 163.4 Jan 16: Jan 23: Jan 30:
  • SW: 164.2 1/2 -164 1/9 -163.2 1/16 - 1/23 - 1/30 -
  • Happy January!! SW: 164.2 GW: 159 My goals… - Start my cleanse - Back to lifting and being consistent - Release 5 lbs - Eat loads of veggies 1/1 - 164.2 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/8 1/9 1/10
  • Happy January! I like the multi-month challenge. I'm staring a cleanse tomorrow, and it is supposed to be about a 90 day thing. Looking forward to seeing everyone progress! SW: 164.2 GW: 150 January 3: January 10: January 17: January 24: January 31: January Goal: January Actual: January Loss:
  • Happy January!! I'm would love to join. Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress! I'm technically starting tomorrow. Jan Start Weight: 164.2 Jan Goal Weight: 159 Ultimate Goal Weight: 135-145 Jan 2: Jan 9: Jan 16: Jan 23: Jan 30:
  • Happy January!! I'm technically starting tomorrow, but I'd love to join in!! SW: 164.2 1/2 - 1/9 - 1/16 - 1/23 - 1/30 -
  • Happy New Year! I haven't run since last January and April (to be specific). There's a guy on my street who runs often. I saw him on the return from my walk, and envied him for getting started months earlier when it was warm... Now the lungs burn for starting up again, hahaha. Maybe I'll buy those running shoes and warm…
  • What other, more empowering, story could you be telling yourself?
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  • Have you read or watched "The Secret"? (It's on Youtube...) My favourite scene in the movie is where the guy imagines he's driving the car of his dreams. You may not be able to get to the ocean, but you CAN GO THERE in your mind!! Put on the sound of waves, close your eyes, and visualize and feel yourself in the ocean, in…
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  • Try getting real about the truth. If you know it's excessive, accept that, and ask yourself what FEELS like the logical next step. Really think about it... Logging isn't for everyone. It's a tool. You could do it for just a week, and see if it's something you want to continue with. For me, eating a healthy breakfast, or…
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  • There are plenty of maintenance calorie calculators online. From there, trial and error may be your friend! :)
  • @rpkg62 - Just want to acknowledge you for stepping into, and feeling your feelings. Stand in your reality. Experience what is going on for you. Feel it, and move beyond it - even if it takes time - even if it's difficult. Your feelings are valid and I admire your vulnerability in sharing them.
  • I love the attitude!! Today I decided to get back on my cleanse. Slipped up (for about a week), but I know I did some great work during the 20+ days I was committed to it, and I'm sticking to my plan of keeping it going until the end of August... Put this time to work on myself aside for too long! :)
  • When I was eating 1300 cals all the time, I never lost, unless I had a higher calorie day about once or twice a week (usually the weekend). Around 1600 (generally speaking), I do well. You need to figure out the numbers that work for you. It might require a bit of math, and an online BMR calculator, etc, but with some…
  • It's normal/optimal to go 3 times a day if it's solid and well-formed. Most of us just don't because we aren't eliminating properly.
  • I would encourage you to look into visualizations (what what you want to happen - seeing it as if it has happened, several times a day) and mindset shifts (ie telling yourself you are healing, and what you are doing is working, even if you can't see it yey), and adding a naturopath to your team of practitioners. ALWAYS…
  • Nice shift in actions. I would encourage you to ask yourself what made those days more challenging? What systems and strategies can you have in place for the next challenging situations that come up? And were you trying to avoid something (ie unwanted feelings) by "having to stuff your face"? Were you really just stuffing…
  • SOMETHING works. People are achieving success everyday! Find what works for you and stick to it. :)
  • You've got this! Commit to growth and learning, and trying new things until you find what works for you. I bet you can find some great "mom groups" in the community, as well as more general support groups to keep you committed. :) Sounds like you have some strong "whys" for becoming more healthy.
  • All the best in your journey! It seems that you identify with being plus sized. I can identify with that statement. To get to your goals, I would challenge you to identify more with being healthy and fitness-minded. "Change your mind; change your life" as they say.
  • My advice is keep it simple. Do what you enjoy for movement. Eat when you are hungry. Eat foods nature intended. :)
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  • The only "correctly" part of it is finding what works for you, and staying committed to your health. :D Enjoy the journey!
  • Welcome back! I keep returning as well. This is a great place to receive support, inspiration, and so much more as we gain momentum on our path. Best wishes! :)
  • That's awesome!! Good for you! :)
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  • Tracking and awareness about what you're eating and how much you're moving can be really eye opening for many people, and as you see the numbers get closer to your goal, it can be very inspiring. :)
  • Amazing job! Way to go! :)
  • That's amazing! It's so nice to have a partner who is also committed to making progress with you! :) Have fun!
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  • Hello! I think you'll have a wonderful time here! Best wishes on your journey. :)